Monday, June 26, 2017

apologies are only as meaningful when they're sincere.

Demanding an apology is worthless. Apologies only have meaning when given freely and unasked-for. Also, just as in the political arena, a personal demand for an apology is a power play, not a sincere request for an expression of remorse. A forced apology is no apology, and there can be no guarantee that a demanded apology, once given, is sincere.
I'm not really sure where the above quote comes from.  I "found it" while googling for forced apologies. so as to help me out with an earlier blog post which wasn't the post I wanted to do but ended up that way.

Back in 2007, after a coalition of activists, bloggers, writers, and organizations took sides with an anti-gay social conservative against me,  I spent years demanding an apology from them. In fact, I might have even written one out for them.

All they had to do was to sign their names to a statement which, if memory serves, said or read, they fucked up and just don't know how to make a right again.

Eventually, inner common sense prevailed and I came to realize, there was no purpose in asking redemption from a group of people who hold no real value.  These people serve but one purpose and that is to profiteer in homophobia, and now transgenderism.

Regarding A Wider Bridge, it's at least twice now in which they've seen the face of hate stare them in the face, and twice they've failed to take the appropriation action against it.

The first time was in failing to demand greater accountability from the Southern Poverty Law Center and filing hate crime charges against the National LGBTQ Task Force.

What makes the first time even worse is there were actual anti-Israel terrorists who took part in the pogrom against them at Creating Change... and A Wider Bridge let what would have been a watershed moment in combating racism and discrimination within the LGBTQ community slip thru their hands.

Now comes this incident from the Chicago Dyke March Collective; Someone on Twitter referred to the event as "false advertising."

More like false advertising prolonging the inevitable.

Update: It would seem A Wider Bridge may themselves be playing a false game and wearing a mask of lies on their faces: Wayne "Dana" Beyer, who is a transgender activist and a member of A Wider Bridge's board of directors, wrote a column for Huffington Post blaming the anti-antisemitism incident on the "national LGBTQ leadership."

Last year, Beyer blamed the Creating Change incident on the radical left.

Beyer is part of the national LGBT leadership.  Beyer is the radical left,  Beyer - and other people who feel or claim they were trapped in the wrong body - are the reason why we're in this mess. 

bridge to nowhere

CBS Chicago:

A Jewish woman said she was asked to leave the Chicago Dyke March for displaying a rainbow flag with a Jewish Star of David on it. 

Jewish people celebrating Saturday’s march in Chicago were reportedly told not to display Star of David flags, as others found them “offensive.”

They go on to say or write, one of the women who was singled out and dismissed for carrying rainbow Jewish flags is affiliated with A Wider Bridge, an org who ironically who had come under attack last year, this after The National LGBTQ Task Force let a group of black, latin@, and "white-cisgendered" LGBTQ  muslim supporting anti-Semites to commandeer their reception and openly threaten its participants.

That it's happened a second time is beyond ridiculous. Moreso, or worse so, the scapegoating.

So what say A Wider Bridge about this latest incident targetting them?

In a word, nothing.

They put out a statement demanding an apology, without addressing the actual people involved or who actually wronged them.

Reports are there were no lesbians or dykes allowed to participate at Chicago Dyke March. In fact, the group behind the march, The Chicago Dyke March Collective is said to be an organization that is comprised of queer, bisexual, and transgender activists who appear to have appropriated or word or term meant to symbolize lesbian pride and are using "Dyke" as a front to commit hate and violence against other gay and lesbian identified marginalized groups.

In this case, LGBTQ Jews.

Demanding an apology is worthless, let alone demanding one from a group whose existence is built on a foundation of hate, lies, and deceit.

A Wider Bridge might have a better chance by turning their ridiculous apology demand into a social media campaign Snickers commercial:

Sorry for upsetting one of your employees.  We were eating a milky way.

Monday, June 19, 2017

transgenders and the lying liar lies they tell everyday

Proving once again, transgenders are lying liars, LGBTQNation published an insult to the senses story from Don "Dawn" Ellis titled, What the words ‘cis’ and ‘cisgender’ really mean — and it’s not ‘sissy’, and in it, tries to make the case "cisgender" is not an offensive descriptor.

Unfortunately for Don, he does the exact opposite.

For starters the basis for his piece stems from a gay activist named Phil Attey who reportedly published a meme thru his Facebook which read, "“If you want to keep us as allies, start by not calling us things we don’t like.”

According to Don, Phil's Facebook "post has been shared hundreds of times and the thread of comments runs longer than a paperback novel."

At present, I'm not on Facebook, so I'll have to take his word for it.

What I won't do, is accept as gospel, cis and cisgender are not insult terms, despite who he sourced,

Back in 2011, the anonymous yet popular blogger GallusMag accused The Bilerico Project and Pam's House Blend of leading a disinformation campaign against Cathy Brennan and Elizabeth Hungerford, both of whom cowrote a letter to the United Nations in opposition to certain laws prohibiting discrimination based on gender identity and gender expression.

Looking back on it, the blog post seems rather shortsighted given what has occurred since.  

They've done more than just attack two lesbian activists; what they've done is to open a pandora's box of troubles and problems, not just for women, but children, and gay people.

Will they ever apologize? Don't anyone hold their breath.  To do so necessitates appreciating consequences and these two have no fucking idea what that is.

After closing down Pam House Blend in 2013, citing bad health, Pam languished for a bit and started a personal blog so as to keep her fans updated on her addiction to opiates.  

Sometime in 2015/2016, Pam got her act together, lost some weight, and got a job as digital presence consult for a Journey tribute band.   Except for some archived articles, not much of Pam's House Blend exists currently, which works out well... for Pam Spaulding and the transgender menace she helped unleash on society.

Bil Browning, is by his own admission, bipolar. That makes him incapable of analytical thought and reason.  Were he ever to be sued, he could argue he's not responsible for his actions due to an episodic or persistent psychiatric disease.

Any wonder why he caved so easily to transgender extremists; they spoke his language and tuned to his frequency: Batshit.

Nonetheless, he debate over the descriptor "Cisgender" has been ongoing for years. To some, it's just a innocuous buzzword to describe people who are not transgender(ed). To others though, me included, it is a slur, one that is used by exclusively by transgendered people with a superiority complex, and of late, gay and straight people with an inferiority complex.

Cisgender is also a shame word, vis-a-vis , the notion that cisgender people have or enjoy structural privilege over transgendered people, and that's somehow is meant to be a bad thing.
Don Ellis proved the former and latter today, by simply by writing an article about cisgender.

By the way, doesn't the word read or sound alike like, "sissy?"

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

tis the season for pride and prejudice

So it wasn't enough in having the transgender lobby engaging in cultural appropriation and social cleansing. There's been an insane amount of it taking place this week what with the one year anniversary of the Pulse nightclub shooting, and activists, bloggers, writers, journalists, and organizations all referring to the victims as "latinx," a buzzword used often by transgender and so called gender non-conforming people, all of whom seem to have no respect whatsoever for anyone and anything.
And now that we're just days into Pride season, it would seem certain minority groups within the former and latter have taken matters one step further. 

On June 8, during a kick off celebration for LGBT Pride Month, the CIty of Philadelphia's Office of LGBT Affairs teamed up with an full-service communications agency called Tierney, and unveiled a new LGBTQ pride rainbow flag with black and brown stripes to represent LGBT people of color.

Tierney used the flag unveiling to also launch a new website - and social campaign to publicly and symbolically recognize racial discrimination within the Philadelphia LGBT community.

It's my understanding, the gay racism is really pervasive over there. 

From what I've read, there was two incidents, the first involved  a gay club owner who was caught on video using the so called "N word."  The video was three years old and it only surfaced after a local website profiled the gay club on its pages.

The other incident involves a gay man in South Philadelphia who posted a four second video of a man shouting a homophobic slur at him.

Both incidents supposedly occurred in 2016.

Looking at this from copyright/trademark perspective, I'm not sure there's anything that can be done about a city or agency exploiting the rainbow flag and amending it to suit its own purpose.

For starters, Gilbert Baker, the creator of the rainbow flag passed away from heart disease on March 31, 2017. His death left many unanswered questions, specifically, whether or not Baker trademarked his flag creation.  

When wrote of his passing, they indicated he had not trademarked his flag.

But a legal blog suggests or implies he could or might have, but might have waived his rights, thus allowing endless commercial reproduction. 

Whether that includes using his work to address alleged racism remains to be seen though.

Baker did however, argue against the use of the rainbow flag when he and other gay rights activists boycotted the 2014 Winter Olympics which took place in Sochi, Russia, and discouraged gay athletes and allied people and organizations attending Sochi - and who sought to defy the Russian Government and it's anti-gay laws -  from waving rainbow flags or wearing anything resembling the rainbow flag.

"Please don’t use the Rainbow Flag to cover up Russian atrocities in 2014. The Rainbow Flag is the international symbol of LGBT freedom — it is not an endorsement of repression.”

If only he were still with us to ask whether he supports a city and agency perverting his creation.  Baker has a website,, but nowhere does it say who is in charge of his estate, let alone if the email he used is still being used to carry on his legacy.

And in the event of having someone accuse me of hypocrisy,  this blog and its writer has been addressing a long standing gripe involving the gay community.  For years, people have refused to address it in part because it involves racism, hypocrisy, and double standards, issues and nuances that a majority of gay people, and that would include blacks and latinos gay people, run and hide from.

Guess I've been going about it all wrong.  Rather than searching in vain for a lawyer or firm who could work pro-bono, I should have hired these guys instead.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

wherein it's time to designate getequal a hate group

Since it's inception in 2010, GetEqual's history has always been, at best, problematic. For the past seven years, bloggers, writers, activists and journalists have all been wondering and debating whether or not GetEqual's goals and priorities have been to "advocate for LGBT social and political equality through confrontational but non-violent direct action," or, become another HRC (Human Rights Campaign.); sometimes to the point of bitter division.

It's been both.

Today though, there can be no doubt as to their mission statement: It is to become an anti-gay/lesbian opposition group.

Yesterday, June 10, GetEqual released a statement in support of a group that calls itself No Justice No Pride, an ad-hoc collective of queer, trans, Black, Latinx, and Two-Spirit organizers and activists who on Saturday, disrupted Capital Pride in Washington DC, resulting in the parade being rerouted and delayed briefly.

GetEqual says or writes, "No Justice No Pride has given Capital Pride many chances to address concerns regarding its complicity with entities that harm LGBTQ2S people, including ties with Wells Fargo, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, BAE Systems, as well as inviting MPD to march in the parade."

Seems GetEqual didn't read the memo about transgender activists new found mission of cultural appropriation and social cleansing. Or maybe they do and don't give a shit.

Either way, I'm done. It's time to designate GetEqual a hate group, a move or motion I'm sure will be both denied and ignored by everyone including those who say transgender rights only affects them.

This is the third Pride event transgender activists have disrupted.  There are going to more disruptions, including here in New York at nYc Pride, the paragon of pride parades worldwide. It's time to stop pretending these people are marginalized and vulnerable.