Monday, April 22, 2019

in the brave new world of transgender policy and issues, evenhanded is a trans privilege

Last time, I blogged or wrote about the author, John Boyne, who just released a new book about a teenage boy who comes out a trans girl, and wrote a piece in the Irish Times publicizing the book and figuring his "even-handed reasonableness" as someone else put it, would protect him.

It did not. Two days later, he quit social media after trans activists hounded him repeatedly on Twitter. While running away with his tail between his legs, he blamed the debacle on transphobic trolls.

In trans land, it's forbidden for allies to stray from what's considered acceptable language about transgender people.  In this event, Boyne proved it's wrong to pander and lie to or about trans activists.

Enter Ronan "Morgane" Oger, a trans activist and Vancouver trans activist and former provincial New Democratic Party (NDP) candidate.  His claim to fame involves cheating on his wife, maxing out her credit card to keep a foundation running, and suing a homophobic activist for "improper conduct."

In a surprise move, Oger released a Friday-night blogpost condemning Jonathan "Jessica" Yaniv for accusations of sexual impropriety.  Yaniv, who also lives in Canada, is a trans-identified male with pedophilic tendencies, self-identifies as a woman, and has somehow managed to convince Twitter to help realize his life long dream to fondle young girls in public restrooms.

Well, to be clear, it seemed so at first glance.  Oger attempted to be even-handed by attacking feminists, while at the same time defending Yaniv's human rights tribunal complaints against several women.  

On Twitter, Oger blamed women for making "her" defend Yaniv.  Oger is being touted as a hero for dropping a dime.

Oger's blog post was released at the same time Feminist Current published a blogpost by doctor and writer Alicia M Hendley who explained how she fell hook, line, and sinker into gender identity ideology going after people who challenged her until it she couldn't anymore.

On Friday, Dr. Hendley ran afoul of the Twitter rules and regulations against deadnaming and misgendering for mentioning Yaniv as a male.

Her attempts at being even-handed got her suspended from Twitter.

Saturday, April 20, 2019

in transgenderism, being evehnanded is a hate crime.

Wait, another John Boyne blog say that internet voice in the wilderness? Yeah, why not? The transgender insanity movement appears to, for the time being, has taken a back seat to the release of The Mueller Report. Because it's a very long and complicated read - it's 448 pages long with major portions or pages blacked out or redacted to avoid illegal and inappropriate release of investigative methods - this is something that requires time and care.

One has to literally and figuratively isolate themselves from society to read this darn thing. Good luck with that.

In the meantime, I discuss John Boyne again.

Mr. Boyne has become a good example of what happens when someone strays from what they consider to be acceptable dialogue and terminology about transgender people – even if that person is on the side of their cause.

To promote the release of a new novel, he wrote a column that was published in The Irish Times titled, Why I support trans rights but reject the word ‘cis’ and in it, touted himself a touted himself a long term ally and supporter of transgender people, attacked Graham Lineham, defended Martina Navratilova, and said or wrote, and said he rejected the label ‘cis’ – a rectum derived term created by transgenders to describe everyone who isn’t transgender:

‘I don’t consider myself a cis man; I consider myself a man.’

Was John or Mr. Boyne attempting to be evenhanded? That's what some other bloggers or writers say or believe. For what it's worth - I've sort of been accused of being a layperson because either or, I don't have an honorific in my bio or made myself amenable to the cult of transgender - Boyne is naive and foolish.

I've not spoken to Mr. Boyne personally. To date, Boyne is somewhat busy elsewhere promoting his book and avoiding discussion about the controversy. I'm not likely to recieve an email from him anyway. What is known is that Boyne appears to be blaming "online trolls" for making him delete his Twitter account and appears to be ignorant and oblivious to the reality of the cult of transgenderism.

In the Cult of Transgenderism, no one is allowed to question a transgender person’s assessment of their identity or experience, or question a transgender person’s assessment of whether an incident is or was transphobic. No, yes, in the world of transgenderism, not only is our suspension of disbelief a required moral imperative, their staunch opposition to free speech and debate has become short of arbitrary.

In the UK, Police have been investigating transgender pronoun, deadnaming, and misgendering complaints, in some instances arresting them. In Canada, journalists have been de-platformed for opposing or rejecting transgender totalitarianism. Social media companies have rewritten or amended their terms of service and have retroactively banned or suspended bloggers, writers, and independent or freelance journalists for saying or writing men cannot become women.

In New York, there's been an ongoing debate as to whether or not businesses or property owners can or will be fined for using improper pronouns due to the state's new transgender laws. Those opposed to transgender rights say yes. Those who support the new law say no, but admit or acknowledge discrimination people do risk a civil penalty for deadnaming and or misgendering.

So just how ignorant does one need to be to finally accept transgenderism is an ideological threat?
In John Boyne's case, a lot.

Running away from debate. Yeah, how brave. Thanks for nothing, John. Good luck with the novel.

Now, to be fair, could I be wrong and in this instance, Mr. Boyne be correct and justified in running away? Sure, anything is possible. I've been wrong before.

As I write this, there's a brand new concern as to whether women are really being threatened by trans ideologues or are just playing victimology poker at the expense of those who really are victims of the transgender, new world order agenda. They're building and creating capital out of transgender assets. The rest of us are losing our rights and privileges.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

john boyne is a coward

Full disclosure, I never heard of this person until now and only because of what he did in response to some criticism he’s received following a column he wrote about the transgender community.

I write about him nonetheless because he’s become yet another example of what’s wrong with opposing transgenderism and all the people in it demanding the monopoly on victim issues or victim-hood.

John Boyne is an Irish novelist. He is the author of eleven novels for adults and six novels for younger readers. His novels are published in over 50 languages. Mr. Boyne, who is gay, is said to be releasing a new novel called or titled My Brother’s Name is Jessica, which follows a young boy’s experience after his older brother comes out as transgender.

The release of the novel may or may not be in doubt. I'm not all too sure. The book is scheduled to be released on April 16, 2019. That would be yesterday for me and those following in real time.  Despite the book being advertised for sale on Amazon and Google Books, it's not clear if the book is available for purchase

I've been looking for a way to contact Mr. Boyne directly, but have been unsuccessful. Here's what I do know, however.

On Saturday, the Irish Times printed an opinion piece by Boyne titled,"Why I support trans rights but reject the word "Cis." In his piece, he said or wrote he was “apprehensive about how the book will be received by the trans community” and that he hoped they would see he had “treated the subject with care.”

He also said, or wrote, he rejects the word ‘cis’, a derogatory term used by trans activists to describe a non-transgender person, adding: “I don’t consider myself a cis man; I consider myself a man… I reject the notion that someone can force an unwanted term onto another.”

Trans activists launched a tidal wave of criticism against Boyne and his book. They included the usual rectum derived arguments of deadnaming, misgendering, a “cisgender privilege”

What’s “cisgender privilege? It’s a set of unearned advantages that people or individuals who accept they were born either male or female have over people who believe they were born into a conspiracy.

It’s by far, one of the most asinine, ridiculous theories ever floated.

Here's the problem: Although Boyne initially responded to some of the complaints following publication of the Irish Times column, he ended up deleting his Twitter account.
In doing, so that makes John Boyne a coward.

The movement to have transgenderism removed from the larger LGB community and or have it declared a threat to national security is a movement in peril. It's overrun with cowards, hypocrites, and people exploiting the social ills of transgenderism to either profiteer or create pyramid schemes out of some fear or concern trans people are threatening their lives.  

Like becoming a media owner or selling a punk song on social media.

Or a book.

When did these things become more important than the truth about transgenders?

That answer remains in limbo or flux.

I would ask, but some questions tend to answer themselves.

Clarification won't be necessary.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

the hypcocrisy of #boycottbrunei


In Brunei, it's illegal to be gay or lesbian. As of 3 April 2019 the punishment is death by stoning for sex between men and 40 strokes of the cane and/or up to 10 years in prison for sex between women.

#BoycottBrunei is a hashtag meant to raise attention to Brunei's anti-gay laws and to boycott properties owned by the Sultan Of Brunei including The Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles and Hotel Bel-Air, located in Beverly Hills, California.


LGBT outrage over Brunei's penal code.

The "LGBT" establishment, as it exists today, supports radical Islam.  They consider the criminalization of homosexuality as being part of a progressive society.

The "L" and "G" only remain for optics, or whenever there exists a problem created by or within the transgender community; for example, the ongoing controversy involving drag queen storytime or offering or granting redemption to people and organizations whose views and beliefs once made everyone angry but are now considered a fundamental right.

This is not a lie or exaggeration.

On 15 April 2019, a fire broke out in the roof of Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris, causing severe damage to the building. It took twelve hours to extinguish the fire.  In an article entitled Here Are The Hoaxes And Misinformation About The Notre Dame Fire,  a BuzzFeed’ writer ran defense for a bunch of social justice warriors who celebrated the Notre Dame Cathedral church fire.

In February 2019, OUT published a story by Matthew Rodriguez who accused the Trump Administration of racism after they announced a campaign to decriminalize homosexuality worldwide.  In his piece, Rodriguez defended Iran's anti-gays laws and called the plan, a "racist tactic" meant to galvanize "support for an ant-muslim agenda."

In September 2016, Riley Dennis, a trans-identified male feminist, activist, and "YouTuber" released a video titled "Why Would LGBT+ People Supports Muslims?"  In it, he states, "I'm a queer gay trans person and I will happily support and defend all my muslim sibling."

Also in 2016, the Task Force led hundreds in a raucous protest against Israel at their Creating Change event.

Last but not least, the Pulse Orlando nightclub shooting.  That story of the shooter being motivated by self-hatred and expressing allegiance to the Islamic state? Nope, uh-uh.   As per pro-LGBT media, there was never evidence the shooter knew Pulse was a gay nightclub or was motivated by Islam. He was triggered by "bigoted commentary" and merely choose the place at random.

That said, has the boycott against Brunei shown signs of effectiveness? That would depend on one's interpretation of effective. Shortly after actor George Clooney wrote a story on Deadline calling for a boycott of nine hotels because of their links to Brunei, some LGBT activists staged a demonstration at one of the hotels owned by the Sultan and published their action on Instagram.

Their video ended up being more of a publicity stunt than a call to action.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

acceptance without exception, sex by deception including rape

Stonewall is allegedly a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights charity in the United Kingdom, named after the 1969 Stonewall riots in New York City's Greenwich Village.   They're said to be the largest "LGBT" rights organization not only in the UK but in Europe.

I say allegedly because for some time now, they've been an organization that actively promotes homophobia and have lobbied for women's rights to be dismantled.

Their current Chief Executive is Ruth Hunt, a woman and lesbian.

Under normal circumstances, the sex and or gender of a person wouldn't matter. Truth be told, a majority of so-called LGBT organizations currently in practice all have a history of shitty leadership, and some are led by men.

Plus there's that whole other matter of who exactly added "T" to "LGB."   Was it gay activists or lesbians who created the LGBT acronym?

Popular beliefs suggest our two groups joined forces because some transgender people identify as gay, lesbian, or bisexual whereas others are often mistaken for LGB and they both have a place in our dysfunctional family.

Problem is, to believe this is to reject or deny one of the most essential gay and lesbian social issues of the last fifty years: Homosexuality is not changeable. To accept transgenderism is to accept lunacy and hypocrisy.

My theory is it was women who made the unconscionable decision to lump transgender with gay and lesbian. I've not been able to affirm the theory or belief as fact, however.  

But Ruth Hunt is a unique exception.  She's one of many women who makes my working theory all the more plausible.

Under Ruth Hunt's leadership, Stonewall have been campaigning to have ‘sex by deception’ removed from judicial process under the belief that a trans person has more a right to ‘privacy’ (not sharing their trans status) than anyone else has a right to know just who they’re potentially having sex with.

In other words, they want to make having sex with a transgender people compulsory and or mandatory and remove "sex by deception" laws as a crime.

They state so on page 33 of a manual they released and titled A Vision for Change, Acceptance Without Exception for trans people 2017-2022.

To be clear, the manual is no longer available for download thru their website.  It sort of kind of disappeared right after I downloaded it upon some discussion about it on Twitter.

Did they forget that whole thing about the internet being forever?

Or is it because they don't let anyone know they've come out advocates for rape culture?

Friday, April 12, 2019

transgenderism needs to be disassociated from the larger LGB community. will three websites and a punk song do it?

We or I am a long ways from knowing whether or not these websites and blogs will succeed in their mission to have transgenderism removed as a threat to women.

I reserve the right to proven wrong.

Credit where due to The Velvet Chronicle for defending the gay community from gay erasure, though:

The word is OUT! The Velvet Chronicle—Where Truth & reality prevail.

Honoring a Queen—Marsha Johnson

"Johnson, was a self-proclaimed gay man, drag queen, transvestite until his death in 1992..So how did Johnson’s story come to be so drastically revised?"

— Julia Diana Ghassan Robertson جوليا ديانا (@JuliaDRobertson) March 22, 2019

You won't see that printed or published on any of the popular gay blogs and websites, that's for certain.

In my defense, I've sought to explain why it was a mistake to say or write Johnson and another trans-identified male were responsible for Stonewall. I'm not sure how successful I've been, however.

My community has a really bad problem accepting the truth. Our leadership, past and present have done absolutely nothing to prevent or stop bad actors, again, past and present from causing irreparable harm and damage to the gay and lesbian community. The few, rare times someone does own up and accept responsibility, we, they, or I become pariahs for righting their (or our) wrongs.

It doesn't make sense, but then what does?

By the way, how's that block working out Julia?

I kid. Well, not really. As I've stated numerous times before, blocking me isn't going to stop me from criticizing. I'm still opposed to having transgender lumped in with my community and having people and groups using them to attack my community.

I'd rather not have my activism evolve into criticizing opponents of the trans ideology,  But there be a problem, and I'm not sure how lesbians becoming media owners and releasing a protest song are going to make things any better for them or anyone.

They are likely to get rich trying, however. Of course, not that there's anything with people and groups building new foundations out of the ruins of old ones. The LGBT community or movement is in bad disarray. Transgender rights have gone dreadfully wrong, and then some.

That said, that doesn't mean we're infallible or monolithic either. After all, there wouldn't be a drag queen sex offender problem playing out if only gay activists remembered their hypocrisy and double standards applied to everyone, not just those they fear and hate.

Let alone doing things that make the opposition community become heroes to the general public.

Again, any wonder why the lesbian community is trying to #GetTheLOut and make themselves independent of any man led authority? Or why they've made the dreadful choice to seek safe space with social conservative organizations and individuals who are homophobic?

And about the punk song?

Well, what can I say? it's pretty bad.

But better this than nothing at all?

While the lesbians headbang themselves into a coma, the transgender lobby remains hard at work, ruining things for gay and lesbian people worldwide and making heroes and marytrs out of social conservatives.

Here within the confines of the US, transgender rights activists briefly interrupted an event featuring a conservative political commentator at the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

At one point, someone in a mask attempted rushed into the auditorium with a squirt gun and squirted a bleach-like substance onto the speaker. As the suspect was being arrested, trans activists had the audacity to then shout, had the audacity to scream, 'hands up don't shoot,' at the officers. The speaker was unharmed and continued his speech.

In the UK, they've made a martyr out of Christian journalist who was interrogated by police for, gasp!, misgendering the son of a transgender rights activist who underwent a surgical procedure in Thailand to remove his genitals.

Now comes word that in Canada, The Edmonton Pride Festival Society (EPFS) announced they decided to cancel their 2019 parade and party due to a “current political and social environment."

Any guesses as to what that may be?

As per reports, a group who claims to represent and advocate for "queer and trans Black folks, Indigenous folks, and people of color" attempted to hijack the Edmonton Pride Festival, through intimidation and extortion.

Edmonton Pride voted late Thursday night not to comply with the demands, and determined that "any attempt to host a festival would not be successful."

In a way, there's is a success being had;  Trans activists are in a locust invasion like journey to replace Christian homophobes and become the new nutbags.  The lesbian community is finally getting its act together and organizing.

And the gay community? As always, it's all because the gays wanted to get married and become part of the heterosexual paradigm that all this is happening.

Saturday, April 6, 2019

transgenderism is a threat to national security.

So as it stands,  no one in LGBT media has yet to cover the drag queen sex offender controversy currently playing out in Houston, Texas, and likely won't because those at the center of the controversy are transgender, and the trans lobby have more or less taken over everything, creating new rules and regulations for everyone to live in and live by.

As a result, they're making heroes and allies out of people and organizations whom traditionally have been our opponents and adversaries, but now are friends and allies.

Of course, no one needs to take my word for it.  More in a bit.

According to everyone, and they include people who purport to the most at risk from the transgender oppression and resistance movement, I'm not being injured or in distress by transgenderists so... ignore him or me and pay attention to them.

But I am being injured by transgenderism.  In fact, it's happened on more than one occasion, not that one anyone or any group particular care or matters,  again because this is not how this thing works.

This isn't how any of this works.

For most people on the front lines to have transgenderism dissolved from the larger lesbian, gay, and bi community and or declared a moral and legal threat to women and children worldwide is to profit and make money.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.  Again, full disclosure, I've previously expressed an interest in becoming a pundit or spokesperson of sorts.  But recent actions make me wonder whether any of these people truly are victims or part of some social media hoax.

In March, a limited liability partnership comprised of lesbian activists, bloggers, and journalists formed and they acquired from Evolve Media.

The same month, an anonymous blogger who adopted the name of a nineteenth century bouncer who bit off the ear of a female adversary and whose blog was suspended for by Wordpress for unconstitutional reasons, came back online.  Good news for those who prefer their activism be run by anonymous cowards and hypocrites.

Someone named Julia Diana Robertson started a new website or dot com. It's called and it's supposed to be a website for lesbians, by lesbians.

Or something along those lines.

A few days ago, yet another lesbian activist, who is also part of a "lesbian punk band" announced on her Twitter she's releasing a protest song.

Again, to be fair, and or for what it's worth, it's great to see the lesbian community no longer relying on traditional LGBT media to tell their story.  If only they would be so kind enough to explain how any of the above mentioned will result in having transgenderism declared a threat to gay and lesbian rights and designated a threat to women and children?

While I wait, someone named Caroline Farrow had been prosecuted by the British Government for misgendering a pro-trans activist's son.  Following some public pressure, the pro-trans activist decided or agreed to drop her case against Farrow.

End of story, yes? Well, not quite.

Someone or some group has started a harassment campaign against Farrow and the people involved appear to be gay, lesbian, and bisexual pro-transgender rights activists.  What's worse is that they appear to be targetting her children and her divorced husband.

Here's the caveat; Farrow is described elsewhere as a "Catholic journalist," and that, to me, basically means enemy and adversary.

So why am I offended and outraged?

Blame it on transgenderism.  Transgenderism is no longer an ideology of misunderstood people seeking authenticity in life, work, and relationship and being concerned for social justice.   Transgenderism has gone far and beyond that now.

Transgenderism has become a threat to our national security.

Transgender activists have made gay and lesbian the new hate.

I'm not saying this so as to buy my way into a job, become a media owner, or sell a record.  No sooner than I am, well, whining and complaining, common sense shows its face and I become ultimately grateful that I'm not out there advocating on an issue where it's only winning move is in not playing the game.

Don't anyone get me wrong.  I've not quit.  Far from it.  I intend to keep doing something and saying something for as long as it takes; even if means losing friends and allies along the way.

They never were.

I may be lots of things to lots of people and organizations but the one thing I've never done since becoming a blogger and activist in 2004 is switching sides and becoming Conservative.  Or, becoming a sell-out.  That, they can't say.