Thursday, February 22, 2018

let's not have a convening.

Until recently, the LGBT Media Journalists Convening was an annual event hosted by The National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association and sponsored by the Evelyn and Walter Haas Jr. Fund and the Arcus Foundation.

One of its key organizers was Bil Browning, founder and publisher of, an LGBT political and social commentary website who opened a pandora's box of problems for the lesbian, gay, and the gay/lesbian half of the bisexual community.

When Browning hosted the event, he acted and behaved like a dictator, picking and choosing bloggers and activists who profiteered in homophobia and who didn't question authority or the establishment.

Indeed, as another blog noted, the only purpose for these events was to discourage hard, necessary criticism of LGBT Inc., and it's benefactors including the Haas Fund, who not only never released a fiscal accounting, they never said something or did something against those who behaved like schoolyard bullies, shaming, ridiculing, and dismissing me and  others who simply wanted to know why it's necessary to have these events in the first place.

In fact, during one convening, an activist and blogger notorious for outing closeted politicians who are anti-gay blamed me for the existence of The Harvey Milk School and implied I made some priest named Bruce Ritter molest young boys at a charity for homeless teens he ran in the 1980's.

In a way I'm happy that the NLGJA has come to their senses and cancelled this event. 

There was no purpose to these events except to encourage more infighting and divisiveness amongst a community paying for the sins of the past. 

But it's short lived happiness.  

According to their Facebook,  NLGJA has a convention of sorts in September and they're planning to hold the convening "as part of that larger event."

Those blogs and writers who were hoping to be blessed by the establishment for scapegoating and pedophiling their own for moral purification and self satisfaction will just have to wait a little longer to be rewarded.

a tale of two crises

Before I begin, some background; On February 14, 2018, a mass shooting occurred at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Seventeen people were killed and fourteen more were taken to hospitals, making it one of the world's deadliest school massacres.

In the days since the shooting, Some of the students who survived the shooting have became advocates for stricter gun control legislation and fodder for conspiracy theorists and alt-right blogs who say or write that the shooting never happened, and/or that it was staged by "crisis actors".

Sadly, the people or group at the forefront of these conspiracy theories and stories are gay and conservative websites and blogs, which is terribly unfortunate given how the liberal/progressive movement appears to have abandoned its' principles in favor of dysfunctional movements and causes that are hostile, regressive, and paranoid beyond belief.

I refer once again to Transgenderism, the social movement founded on a complex interplay of falsehoods and conspiracy theories, untruths and half truths, and lies pretending to be truth.

Crisis acting? There be plenty of it here and then some.

As I write transgender activists and allies are in the midst of a social media campaign to deny the existence of something called "rapid onset gender dysphoria," a phenonemena that has its roots in social media, specifically YouTube and their network of content creators, some of whom have made a fortune out of misleading children into believing they were born transgender(ed).

Some transgender activists claim there's no such thing as "rapid onset gender dysphoria" and are pressuring  the owners of social media and social networking services to remove any stories or voices that speak to this phenomena, which is somewhat ironic given how they always to purport to the vanguard in everything, including  truth and the right to be wrong.

According to legend, When a transgender person has transitioned and is living their life as their authentic self--that is their truth. The world now sees them as who they truly are, so they say.

But what if the truth is found to be lies?  What happens when that trans identified man or woman realizes drugs and surgery will not people of their mental state? When that trans identified male or woman can't prove or explain how they were born in the wrong body?

If you're someone like Brian "Brynn" Tannehill, you become a transgender misogynist jerk.

If you're Zack Ford, LGBT Researcher/Blogger at Center for American Progress, you become a blubbering retard and truth and fact denier.

And if you're part of an organization and someone who profiteers in the sterilization of pre pubescent children, some who could one day identify as gay and groom them for a lifetime of medical dependence, then you make it your mission to censor parents and friends skeptical of the "transgender child/teen" trend.

But as I say, there's nothing liberal or progressive about a community whose idea of equality and inclusion involves taking the rights away of others.

The gay conservative establishment may be undermining what little credibility they have but they still pale in comparison to the LGBT left.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

amazon officially fires jeffrey tambor from ‘transparent’ amid sexual harassment claims

Welcome to #PeakTrans and #DropTheT Mr. Tambor.  Or are you still in denial?

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

in this post trump, transgender universe, gay people are being manipulated from all sides

One thing is certain in this Trump, transgender universe: Gay people are continually being manipulated by people who stand to benefit when we choose a particular product or service or person or ideology over another, the former and latter, often, a mixture of truth and lies.

Feminists who are lesbians, for example, now want to blame the gays for the uptick in transgenderism, but oddly won't hold themselves accountable for hardly anything, not even those times in which a popular feminist, lesbian, or social justice warrior confers with trans identified males who purport to have different theories about transgenderism, but in reality, are part of the same hypocrisy: men pretending to be feminist so they can date or have sex with (women or) lesbians.

Transgenders are an oxymoron, a walking contradiction, and a living, breathing paradox of lies and truth.

No one is born transgender(ed). Biological sex is not assigned at birth. Ask a trans activist how can a man know how it feels to be a woman, or how it's possible for someone to live as a woman, and one - well, me to be clear - can always count the seconds to having someone shoot their mouth off like a raving homophobic lunatic, vomiting out a bunch of red-scare era talking points written and drafted by social conservatives who are traditionally homophobic and ironically transphobic, this despite christian moms comprising the majority of people turning their children transgender.

Again, this wouldn't be happening if it were not for the LGBT media and political establishment encouraging this insanity.


The "Transgender Chicken Circuit", for the uninformed, is a patchwork of media appearances, news and feature articles, talk shows, documentaries, convention and seminar appearances funded mostly by the LGBT establishment organizations, all of whom have abandoned gay and lesbian social issues in favor of 
promoting the idea or notion children apparently can "consent" to their own violation at the hands of a medical predator.

Last, but not least, LGBT conservatism, a political and social movement within the LGBT community that aligns largely with the conservative movement, whom ironically considers gay (and lesbian) conservatives a dangerous oxymoron intent on destroying society.

Of late they've become the advocates of the free speech crusade which is astonishing given how they back up their veracity with bias, bullshit, and lies.

Gay conservatives are the only group to be rightly - no pun intended - concerned about transgenderism being a threat to society.   Some liberals/progressives are too, but we don't exist in the eyes of the establishment.  People like me or us are often mocked, belittled, ridiculed, and dismissed with contempt, and there's nothing I or anyone can do about it except to perhaps leave the progressive/liberal wing of  LGBT  social movement and become contrarian.

Gay conservatives are also the ones who debunked claims of a murder wave targeting LGBT Americans, a recent study from GLAAD finding of a drop in LGBT acceptance.  Seems one study failed to include victims of the Pulse Orlando nightclub shooting, while another failed to acknowledge its own role in the alleged decline.

But their truth is not our truth.  Gay conservatives simply cannot stay consistent.  Gay conservatives says those claims of Mike Pence and his anti-gay record are "fake news," and have been scurrying to downplay any blog or website which sources from his old website and cuts and paste his anti-lgbt platform.

I've been wanting to ask some gay conservatives why there's a discrepancy within their community. But what happens all too often is that once it seems I'm on the verge of something, a breakthrough in understanding perhaps, someone or some group feels it necessary to drudge up my criminal record which includes registration, and imply I'm motivated by agenda which is I don't know what exactly.

I've been thrown under the bus so many times I've started to think that's where I'm supposed to ride.

When I did my time for the crime in the hellish realm called prison, never did I become transgender or apply for a name change or gender marker.    I took personal responsibility for my actions and worked my way out of the foundation of lies and deceit which clouded my judgment for so many years.

I did so without making myself amenable to religion or conservative psychoanalysis.

And yet, this strange occurrence happens over and over and over again, and each time that it does happen, I'm forced to walk that fine line between comfortably and invisibility, looking in from the outside and wondering how we ever got this far

Granted there are other people outside of the US who have it worse than I do.  Gay people are being thrown off rooftops by Islamic State jihadists.  There's been talk of concentration camps for gays in Russia.   Internet drama is the least of anyone's worries, especially me.

But it's the internet who is driving everyone crazy and gay users have become the most vulnerable.  We can't do anything online anymore without being bombarded by some virtual crazy shouting at me or us to accept their visions of mental slavery and concede to a minority of loons claiming the monopoly on wisdom.

Our history and legacies have been poisoned by hypocrisy and double standards.  Our social media is being used against us.   Gay people looking for love thru a dating app are at high risk of entrapment.

And because I'm a registered citizen, It's better for me not to ask for clarity.  The manipulation has gone way too far to be ignored and I really don't need anyone to remind me that it has.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

toto, we're not in kansas anymore

Ever since Donald Trump became President, the gay (and lesbian) community has been forced to choose between one, two, or more immoral options, and be forced to agree that whatever must be the choice is necessary to achieve a better outcome.

For the past year, some here on my liberal/progressive left have been making a case to have Donald Trump resign and Vice President Mike Pence assume the office of the President, because according to them, Pence is the better of two evils.

But is he really?

Donald Trump is an amoral, mentally deficient con man who has has no comprehension of global diplomacy, trade, or domestic policy and is being manipulated by some of the most despicable humans on the plane and may not realize it; or maybe he does, which makes him worse than imaginable.

Mike Pence, meanwhile, is someone who lies for Trump, their administration's agenda and the Republican Party. He's also anti-gay (or anti-LGBT). He's previously supported the use of federal funding to treat people "seeking to change their sexual behavior." President Trump reportedly joked that Vice President Pence wants to “hang” gay people, something he hasn't quite denied.

Despite these truths, liberals and progressive not only insist they're right, they go on to invoke even more immoral options; this time, comparing Mike Pence with ISIS,a Muslim terrorist organization known to throw gays off rooftops.

(Vice President) Mike Pence and ISIS are both homophobic. But Mike doesn’t throw gay men off the roof, so he’s better.
Oh, my bad; the above was meant to be a joke. Except it wasn't, and therein lies the problem:

Something has gone way off the margins when we who are gay, lesbian, and bisexual are being forced to choose or decide these dilemma created by others who say they have our backs but it's clear they don't.

In Late January, Bradley "Chelsea" Manning, who was sentenced to 35 years in a military prison for giving classified materials to WikiLeaks but had his sentence commuted by President Obama before he left office, showed up at an alt-right pro Trump event in New York City, thus ending a ten year argument on whether transgender people can be trusted with telling the truth.

Well, to be clear, this was supposed to happen, but what happened instead is that we or I had people on my left giving Manning the benefit of the doubt, whereas on my right, gay and straight alt-right conservatives were heralding themselves as party of inclusion,  cultural diversity and diversity.

Quoting, The alt-right, or alternative right, is a loosely-connected and somewhat ill-defined subset of American and European third positionists, composed chiefly of white gay and straight supremacists, neo-nazis, neo-fascists, and other fringe hate groups.

Bradley "Chelsea" Manning is the latest in a long line of males or men who commit crimes and who've been using transgender or transgenderism as a ruse to hide their crimes or lie about being conflicted.  Transgenderism is an ideology built on lies, deception and hate.

Both are bad for gay people, but according to liberals and progressives, Manning is the better of the two evils.

He's not, of course, but apparently, we gay people no longer have the freedom to decide to make choices, even bad ones.

And then there's the ongoing matter of Rose McGowan, who got into an argument with a transgender activist, and inexplicably got mad at the gay community for not taking a bullet for her.

In the week that has now passed, both the gay, lesbian, and bisexual communities have been embroiled in a triangular tug of war, Team one being women who say or write to pay no mind to McGowan's anti-gay rhetoric and remember McGowan is a victim (of Harvey Weinstein abuse), Team two, liberals and progressives shoving transgender ideology down our throats, and team three, tada! social conservatives who exploit liberal/progressive dysfunction so as to present themselves as the voices of reason.

Does it matter any that the transgender identified male who heckled McGowan is anti-gay? 

Nope, not one bit.

Via my frenemies at Gender Identity Watch, Jeff White is a gay man who was forced to resign from his position at the Mississippi Gulf Coast Rainbow Center, an organization that he founded, because he unfortunately thought he could have a rational discussion with a “transwoman.”

Several "transwomen," one being the TIM who heckled Rose McGowan,  attacked and abused White because he objected to being called cisgender. 

As they noted, White had every right to reject the term “cisgender,” which does not apply to any person engaged in homosexual relationships; but alas, gay people are not allowed to say no to a trans person.

Meanwhile, McGowan isn't herself a paragon of virtue and justice.  The day after her alleged transphobic tirade, McGowan appeared with Ronan Farrow at 92Y, and during her discussion went off on a bizarre rant about Kevin Spacey, LA Confidential, a movie he costarrred in, and complained about gays owing McGowan for her years of equality activism.

Rose McGowan's alleged transphobic rage is all our fault, according to Rose McGowan.

Under normal circumstances, whenever someone is hostile or regressive toward gay and lesbian people, we should leave these toxic people to their own devices and not look back.
But I or we can't because doing so would run afoul of the very people or group who have been exposing transgenderism as a hostile and regressive ideology.

We've been fucked by the very group of people who say transgenderism harms women, gays, and children.

How do we or I get to this place?  That's a question none of the frontrunners of the transgender opposition movement have been willing to answer.

I haven't been able to ask.  I'm not allowed to know who they are...

I can even ask how the fuck I wound up in Kansas.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

from hero to conspiracy laden buffoon

My oh my, what a difference a day makes, huh?

On Thursday, Feburary 1, Rose McGowan is verbally attacked by a transgender identified male who some say is a sex sexual predator offender.

That alone ought to have been a "peak trans moment;" where someone, in this case, Rose McGowan, ought to have realized that all is not well within the transgender rights social movement and begins to question their support for transgender ideology.

To be fair, this indeed happened. For approximately thirty seconds.  And then, McGowan, for reasons that exist within her brain, says inexplicably, "trans women are women..." 

Ever since, it's been a descent into utter craziness.

In other words, Rose McGowan has gone off the rails and is taking hostages: Us.

During a discussion with Ronan Farrow - he himself no stranger to moral panics and pedophile conspiracies - at 92Y, McGowan claimed the transgender identified male was a "paid plant" by or from Harvey Weinstein.

Seconds later, she went into nonsensical rant about a Kevin Spacey film and the "LGBTQ" community.

Seems she's mad at us too for not paying forward or something along them lines.

I had no idea that as a gay person, I was supposed to genuflect before her greatness and snap to attention everytime she's got some bug up her ass.

I have a message for Ms. McGowan:

Fuhgeddaboutit, dude. No one asked you to become an LGBT ally. You volunteered. . No one made you do this. And once you decided to do it, no one guaranteed that anything you did and said - whatever they were - would be paid forward.

And what the hell does that mean anyway?

Following her appearance, she took to Twitter and demanded apologies from the Barnes [and] Noble location who hosted her book reading and talk, and from audience members, whom she claims, "did nothing and let the paid verbal assault of an assaulted woman happen. Cool?"

No, Rose, Not Cool.

As I been saying for the past couple of weeks, the gay and lesbian rights social movement is a mish-mosh of errors, blunders, and lies, where often, someone or some group exposes a wrong that becomes significant, and instead of becoming a better, stronger, more unified community, instead, the people who would benefit the most out of the wrong being exposed or corrected, instead end up becoming a far greater problem rather than the solution.

One of these days, the L, G, and mayBe responsible for inciting this madness are going to wake up one day from their drug and alcohol induced stupor, realize what a dreadful, perhaps deadly, mistake it was to include and accommodate special interest groups into our dysfunctional family.

That, however is a problem we'll have to resolve on our own.

Of course, it would be great if people like Rose McGowan would just stop talking out of both sides of their mouth and stay focused.  Then, maybe, the incident in question wouldn't have occurred and social media wouldn't be scratching their heads in perplexed disgust in how someone can manage to become a conspiracy driven nutcase, and in short order.

But now I'm being naive.

Friday, February 2, 2018

with logic like this, who needs logic?

Last night, February 1, Rose McGowan, who is being credited - and rightfully so - for exposing a sexual predator in Hollywood, attended a reading event for her new memoir and during the event a transgender identified male started complaining about remarks McGowan made on RuPaul’s “What’s the Tee?” podcast in July 2017.

As per reports, the transgender activist was escorted off while shouting, "white cis feminism," and McGowan launching into a tirade about labels.

Cheers for Rose McGowan, yes? Not exactly. Mere seconds after her tirade, McGowan says, "trans women are women," and goes on to spout some feminist claptrap stuff which doesn't help anyone except for women, feminists, and lesbians on social media who spend their day blaming men for everything they do wrong.

After her tirade and meltdown, McGowan left to tape an interview on CBS' Late Night With Stephen Colbert and behaved like an asshole.  Meanwhile, back on the internets, another logic made it's return.

"Cisgender is not a slur!"

The expression, saying, or talking point has become a rallying cry among, of course, transgender activists and their gay, lesbian, bisexual, and straight allies, and always to purport a sense of unity against racists, xenophobes, or someone or some group harboring an animus toward "LGBT" people.

But each and every time the adjective is used, it's always to impugn the integrity of someone or some group who opposes transgender ideology on factual and legal grounds and nothing to do with religion or politics.

What then happens when someone like me for example, call out these paragons of heroic virtue out on their lies and bullshit?  They shoot themselves in the foot to spite their face and it's always to the benefit of special interest groups, some who may be using transgenderism to attack gays and lesbians, and transgender based organizations hiding their disdain and contempt for LGB's from behind a rainbow flag.

I anticipate Matt Baume doing some progressively proactive like block or dox me; It's the only two defenses gay activists have these days when they need to sell or profit from conservatives and transgenders.

Or maybe he won't do anything at all,  the latter which reaffirms my now years long view and belief gay activists are cowards and that the only they ever show true bravery is when they brandish a ten year old dossier written by an homophobic blogger and defend his right to free speech.

Either way, the above incidents thus reveal a sad, frustrating, recurring problem among women and gays: We both have a problem with bad leadership, hypocrisy, and double standards, and no one seems to have a fix or solution except to, perhaps, bury their heads into the sand and pretend they have authority of wisdom and knowledge.,

In anticipation of being accused of doing just that, I remind those who need reminding this blogging and activism thing works both ways.  If I'm wrong about someone, something, or some group, there's nothing I look forward to more than having some established activist, blogger, writer, media personality, politician, or someone of weight, write back and explain to me why it is I'm wrong.

It never happens.  Instead what happens is that I'm backstabbed, hated on, blamed, accused, lied to and about, blocked, shamed, ridiculed, and dismissed; and the people who do it are always trying to convert me into a religion or political party.

And when they fail, which is always and often, they call me toxic.  Because what better to prove you're smarter?

Seriously, this whole thing is maddening, but also, funny as fuck.

Nothing changes, except maybe,  me becoming ever the more skeptical and a bigger loudmouth, but how can that be when no one listens or reads?

Logic.  Apparently it's only for cowards and hypocrites.

Perhaps one day, someone will offer some sound perspective and I'll finally make some better, more persuasive arguments.

But not today.

The paragons of heroic virtue are too busy gaslighting and still haven't yet noticed those of us down here trying our damndest to drop the t.

Update: An anonymous blog "reports" that the transgender identified male who heckled Rose McGowan is an alleged sexual predator.  I'm shock and appalled.

Update 2: Rose McGowan now claims the transgender identified male was a "paid plant," and is demanding apologies from the local Barnes & Noble  who hosted McGowan's talk an the audience members, whom she claims "did nothing and allowed the paid verbal assault of an assaulted woman happen."

Update3: It's getting worse.  During a panel discussion with Ronan Farrow at 92Y, McGowan continued to blame and scapegoat everyone else for her near crazy tirade, and this time took swipes at the gay community:

Farrow: You had a few scuffles with the LGBT community on comments you've made

McGowan (who seconds earlier compared her alleged assault to a film starring Kevin Spacey):  I'm not saying I'm mad at Kevin Spacey for saying he's gay when apparently he's a predator; don't conflate it.

Farrow: That is a common critique.

McGowan: The way he did it was trying to come out like a jazz hands stereotype, it was horrible. All of my gay friends were horrified and rightly so.. because my work.. from age 13, I fought, I marched, I bled, I donated, I screamed, I cried, I bled and died gay rights, okay? And then I saw it not being paid forward at all.