Monday, March 23, 2020

the placebo effect of name and gender change documentation

Talk about bad timing.

The pro-trans media are heralding a study that claims having a passport or birth certificate with the correct gender improves a trans-identified person's mental health.

The study was published in The Lancet on March 16 in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

It's also bullshit.

People who identify as transgender have a higher-than-average rate of psychological disturbances and indulging their delusions will not help them.

Worse still, it undermines the legitimacy of local and state governments.

In advance of I don't know what exactly, I'm by no means pro-government.  I write this as the Trump administration fails yet again to show real leadership during the coronavirus pandemic while local and state governments are using the pandemic to invoke authoritarian policies, supposedly to make us safe.

In the United States, laws are being considered to have people, for whatever reason, opposed to transgenderism sent to prison for refusing to act and behave the way a trans-identified male or female says we, or I, should.

Having their preferred name and gender on all their documentation adds to the fantasy of transgenderism. It's a placebo effect that is no better or worse than any other placebo effect.

When will society wake up, smell the coffee, and stop enabling the harmful fantasies of the transgender community? Your guess is as good as mine.

Friday, March 20, 2020

exploiting coronavirus

Now that Coronavirus has become a world health crisis, it should come as no surprise people and organizations are exploiting the pandemic to either stifle criticism or advance their agendas.

The Post Register, a daily newspaper based in Idaho Falls, Idaho, published an editorial calling on their Governor, Brad Little, to veto two so-called anti-transgender bills sitting on his desk.
The editorial claims the two bills are "unconstitutional." and expensive to litigate against. 

They also cite the coronavirus pandemic, but of course.

If you're a blogger or activist, this argument should be all too familiar to you.  During the last decade, opponents used similar arguments against same-sex marriage or marriage equality.  

There is no state or federal law designating transgender as a protected or special class. Just because someone identifies as transgender does not mean the rest of society should lose perspective.    There are laws barring discrimination on the basis of someone's sexual orientation or gender identity.

There is concern Covid-19 panic will lead to government crackdowns on free speech and movement. Actually, it's not so much a concern but an unwelcome reality. State governments have implemented stay at home orders in order, supposedly to combat the spread of the virus. In cities throughout the US and elsewhere, Social distancing has become mandate, the new normal.

There's even talk about deploying the military:
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) is calling on President Trump to deploy the U.S. military to New York in an effort to fight the rapidly spreading coronavirus outbreak.

“President Trump has to mobilize the United States military to fully act in the coronavirus situation,” de Blasio said Wednesday on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360.
Read more:
Calling on the military is a monumentally stupid approach to combatting the virus.  For starters, no one is immune to Covid-19. They're as much at risk of coming down with the virus as everyone else, if not more.  As I write this, dozens of NYPD, FDNY, and Department of Sanitation responders have come down with the virus, prompting fears of a dystopia.  Things are already pretty bad with people using the Covid-19 to panic buy toilet-paper and food.

For those wondering, the threat of coronavirus has hit home too.  I'm somewhat angered by it as I've been victimized by other social or moral panics which have put a strain on myself and others.  

I'm having to be more frugal than before. The news will certainly please those ideologically opposed to my existence.  Rest assured, I've no intention of suspending my advocacy on account of Covid-19.

In other news, Transgender extremists have threatened to spread coronavirus if they don't get their way or  if so-called "transgender care" is deemed "non-essential."

They're also using the pandemic to prey on vulnerable children. 

Closer to home, and in fairness, is using the pandemic to make themselves immune from criticism.

I don't know what's been said or alleged.  Best guess, it's again about The Women's Liberation Front and their ties to homophobic and anti-transgender conservative organizations.  

Ever since transgenderism became the new normal [on or before 2015], their attempts at social reform have made strange bedfellows out of liberal and conservatives.  Because of the sanctimonious hypocrisy of the left, it has become necessary for certain marginalized groups- feminists and gays, for example - to dissolve their core beliefs and establish new ones, sometimes with their fundamental enemy.

It's how it is in today's world.

I'm not arguing for or against The Women's Liberation Front.  I may or could have before, but only because the arguments against them are based more on logical fallacies instead of proper evidence.

There's also something quite similar about the argument; Similar, as in, I've had people and organizations make stuff up to keep me downtrodden and isolated, perhaps, amenable to egotists and sociopaths.

Feminists have been warning the world about transgender ideology and its cult-like desire to take away life and do injury to women, the gay community and children for years, perhaps decades. No one took heed until it was too late.

I'm guilty as charged.  In 2007, I said or posted something here that was not based on fact.    Because I belong to a community that don't look out for one another, it took me several years to realize what I said was inaccurate or wrong.   It shouldn't have.  

I've since taken responsibility for what I said.  My community has yet to take responsibility for being ignorant and selfish.

Now that transgenderism has become the new world order, people and organizations who purport to oppose transgender ideology have been sniping with one another how best to stop the transgender lobby from further harming women, gays, and children

They all seem to believe their advocacy will save the day over the others.

It hasn't.

When I last checked, 4thWaveNow is an online community of parents questioning the social transition of minors. Women's Liberation Front is a non-profit organization lauded for its opposition to gender identity legislation.

I myself am a blogger and activist advocating to have transgenderism disassociated from the gay, lesbian, and bisexual community.

What do we three have in common?   We all seem to be in some agreement transgender ideology is a threat to present and future democracies.

The world is uniting against Covid-19. Perhaps 4thWaveNow can learn to respond to the other crisis currently facing this planet -transgenderism -and stop being jerks to everyone.

Friday, March 13, 2020

the other contagion no one dares speak its name.

Everyone has gone mad over Coronavirus.

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is an infectious disease that originated in China and quickly spread globally, including New York.   On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the outbreak a pandemic.

Here where I live the responses to the outbreak have been quite prolific.  A state of emergency was declared.  There's something of a curfew in play, but so far it hasn't quite shut down the city.

For those wondering, I'm fine, well, as long as crazy people don't drag me into their insanity.

Speaking of insanity, there's another insanity that's been taking place that hasn't gotten the attention it warrants, likely because this contagion has been institutionalized as a compulsory right.

I'm referring to the transgender social contagion. Unlike COVID-19 which is spread through droplet transmission, transgenderism as its known is caused by a lack of common sense, homophobia, manipulation, and propaganda. Transgenderism has been into an industry, and everyone in it has become rich and powerful. Big Pharma makes BILLIONS from the transgender industry. So have cosmetics, fashion, and clothing, politics and business. 

Big Pharma owns the media which is why mostly there is hardly any discussion of the social upheaval transgenderism has caused.

Yeah, I know; The above sounds or reads like right-wing conspiratorial nonsense, but I can assure you, reader, I'm quite sane and have receipts.

On social media, I'm repeatedly smeared and slandered by proponents of the transgender agenda. It's become so pervasive that sometimes I don't have to say or tweet anything and still have people accuse me of spreading transphobia.

Last night was no exception.   Yesterday, I spent most of my day milling about the house, taking in news of the coronavirus and taking all the necessary precautions to avoid COVID-19.  That stuff don't get done by sitting in front of laptop all day or staring into a phone.  I tweeted one innocuous story about "Chelsea" Manning, without comment or judgement.

That tweet bothered Ken Schneck so badly he had a meltdown at my expense.

For those interested, you can witness it all on my Twitter feed. Shneck is a dangerous sociopath with a bug up his ass for me, apparently blaming me for his lot in life, nevermind the fact he lives in a different state and or city.  

He hates it when I speak out against injustices and raise awareness of what's going in my (our) community.  He thinks he has the right to decide what's best for me, never mind I've never given him or anyone power of attorney. He name calls, feminizes my name, and criticizes my personal history, the latter which is no one's business other than mine. 

If I need to disclose anything, I do so on my accord.  

You're wondering why this has been allowed to go on with impunity.  Blame that on the company he and I keep.  Everyone is all dead from the neck up.

Under normal circumstances, action would be taken, including reprimands and warnings. 

 But I don't live a normal world. No, yes, I live under a power law.  I live in a world where "LGBT" activism is cutthroat.  Here, only a few dominant activists tower over the rest.

Being that I'm allegedly not one of those people, I'm told constantly by my peers I'm supposed to languish in obscurity.

They work hand in hand with trans lobby, helping them take away our hard-fought victories, and I'm supposed to go along with the flow.

If they're not brown-nosing for the trans lobby, then they're pedophiling or gay/lesbian shaming others for their own self-satisfaction and moral purification.

To hell with that nonsense.

Now here we live, transgenderism hasn't become the law of the land.  Not yet.  There's been some pushback, but unfortunately, most of the people fighting back are either conservatives with a bias or keyboard cowards, people who use anonymity to fight battles they normally won't dare attempt in real life.

How they manage to grab all the attention, no one knows.   

Uh-oh, here comes a trigger.

I've done everything right in holding people and organizations accountable.  Sometimes most of my concerns go global.  Most times though I've no idea if people are taking heed to the warnings and criticisms.  But as I noted last night, I don't do what I for money or celebrity.  There's something unethical about receiving platitudes from strangers.

But it's also rather frustrating.  Earlier this month, Arielle Scarcella was lauded online for defecting from the so-called radical left.  She was never a part of the left.  She frequently betrayed lesbians and bisexual women, producing or releasing videos that advocated rape by deception. Still though, money and celebrity have rained upon her as if she's a hero returning from victory.

What victory you wonder? Yeah, exactly.

Blaire White is another one.  He, or "she" for the naive and gullible is a transgender activist who of late has plagiarized LGB and straight journalists and bloggers exposing the contradictions of transgender ideology.

Seems no one knew "Jessica" Yaniv is a child predator who trooned out in 2017 to get his way until Blaire White did a video on it.  And no one knew Desmond Is Amazing, a twelve-year-old drag queen is being sexualized and groomed into transgenderism until Blaire White raised the alarm.

The stench of hypocrisy wafting on social media is beyond odious.

Closer to home, I've taken umbrage at some activists, social justice warriors, and others, particularly when they do things or say things that warrant questioning their motives.

Do these people, the ones who claim harm or oppression by transgender ideologues really want to have transgenderism disassociated from the LGB community or called a social threat to women and children, or do they want to fuss around all day pounding the keyboard?

From where I sit, it seems more the latter than the former.

The more I'm held back from realizing my potential, the worse it gets.

For the past year or so, there's been a court case of particular concern to parents worldwide because it involves Robert Hoogland, a male parent who lives in Surrey, British Columbia who claims his daughter is being destroyed by the court-ordered transgender policy.   Bloggers like myself can't say anything or do anything because Robert Hoogland is said to be a Mass-Resistance activist.  

Mass-Resistance is an anti-gay and transphobic hate group.

The matter has been further compounded by activists and journalists driven by ego and celebrity.  Laura Lynn Tyler-Thompson is a Canadian TV and internet personality with connections to Pat Robertson.    Jenn Smith is a transgender activist with ties to an anti-immigrant and white supremacist hate group.   These two people are up against a massive cabal of lawyers, judges, and gay/lesbian pro-transgender rights activists doing their damnedest to turn Canada into Iran.

I can't write about them or advocate on their behalf because they're homophobic.

So whose fault is that exactly? Mine or the people on the front lines leading everyone astray?

So now you're probably saying to yourselves, it's Canada, "Nellie;" It can't or won't happen here.

Are you sure about that?

Regarding the guy I mentioned, if he wants to engage in character attacks, I'm all for it. Just don't come at me using props, or words, or cheap skepticism.  They might work for your fans but not mine. Oh, wait, my bad; I supposedly don't have any.

Or do I?
Regarding the movement to have transgenderism disassociated from LGB, depending on the time of day, it seems we're either making progress or fast headed for cruel defeat.  

Earlier this year, I was on the verge of throwing in the towel on account of cowardice and hypocrisy.  The reason I did not because it's not my responsibility to accept blame for others' fault.  

One of the reasons I got into this fight because lesbian activists and feminists were shouting and warning the transgender lobby was about to do something terrible.  They were right.  Here we are, here I am, nine years into this, and lesbian activists and feminists are infighting and sniping which each other over which tactic will save the day over the others, they're quitting instead of staying the course, or they doing or saying things that make me wonder if I've been wasting my time.

I didn't dedicate nine years only to be told it was for nothing.  People have been de-platformed.  Others have lost their jobs.  People have gone to jail and court for exercising their right to speak against an ideology supported by authoritarianism.

It's inconceivable to quit now after all this.

These people put on notice.  If they want to engage in character attacks, I'm all for that too.

Thursday, March 12, 2020

the manning nothingburger

It's been ten months since the military traitor formerly known as Bradley Manning was put in prison for refusing to testify in front of a grand jury regarding his WikiLeaks connections. 

Manning, for the uninformed, began identifying as transgender, perhaps in an attempt to avoid doing hard time for imperiling American national security. Manning was imprisoned from 2010 until 2017 under the name "Chelsea" when "her" sentence was commuted.
On Thursday, the New York Times reported Manning had been released from prison, has been released from prison, a day after he attempted to take his own life.

End of story? Not exactly. Manning was only released because a grand jury that was empowered to investigate Wikileaks had disbanded. It's possible, likely actually, a federal prosecutor could convene another grand jury and, subpoena Manning, and Manning, being jailed again for refusing to testify.

For those wondering just what all the hubbub was about, seems prosecutors had a weak case against Wikileaks and its founder, Julian Assange, and were looking for new answers for old questions. As to what exactly Manning was trying to accomplish,  skeptics are united in their belief Manning is an attention whoring dipshit.

Manning ought to have stayed in jail. "She" likely would have been safe from the CoronaVirus Pandemic.

Friday, March 6, 2020

relitigation is what we do.

The above tweet (response) still has me going.  Well, that and something else that is taking place as I write this that started just before daybreak, but I will try to stay focused.

The blogger who posted that remark has stories on his blog or website about Kevin Spacey, Jeffrey Tambor, and Harvey Weinstein.  What do these people have in common?  They've all had someone or some group grant themselves the right to relitigate their pasts to resolve an old rift or settle a grudge.  

In Kevin Spacey's case, numerous gay activists and bloggers have long dreamed of being the blog or website to bring Kevin Spacey out and being forever immortalized.  Mr. Spacey, but of course, thought differently, well, until Anthony Rapp decided to virtue shame him and lie about his youthful forays.  Rapp gave gay activists a gift.  He gave them spite, and an opportunity to lunge back at Spacey for denying them.

Tambor? Apparently, he wasn't groveling enough to anyone's satisfaction, and someone decided to turn one of his platitudes into an accusation and make him a symbol/scapegoat of Hollywood's failure to hire transgender identified male and female actors.  This too is horseshit.  But don't tell David or anyone else who became part of the mob-mentality against Mr. Tambor or Mr. Spacey.

They're all disconnected from reality.

I've already made my prediction or speculated what may or could happen if, should,  Comcast or NBC Universal hire Shepard Smith instead of the favored homophobic hypocrite Joy Reid.  No need to go there again.

On the other hand, maybe nothing will happen. As I know and the one or two people who read this blog know all too well, people have a funny way of deciding their own what is and what is not their business. Gay activists are pretty fucking bad at decision making.  They don't appreciate consequences and some even have gone so far as to pretend or believe they're immune from criticism as if they're mobsters who earned their stripes.

"You can't judge me."
"I got a blue check next to my name."
"I got more followers than you."

The whole idea or notion of it all is beyond sickening.

Activist bloggers have a moral responsibility to call out any person or group who commits injustices and hold them accountable for any unlawful acts.  To be fair, because I can and everyone else will lie and deceive, a majority of the things Joy Reid now, still denies saying or writing on her old blog wasn't a problem for most gay blogs and activists... back in the day.

Again it goes to an old belief or notion outing an actor or politician would somehow turn the tide and save the day.  That I know of Joy Reid is not gay/lesbian or bisexual. Who told her she can get say those things and get away with it? Nobody knows and nobody will say.

MSNBC has a problem that is spiraling out of control.  They've somehow dragged the gay and lesbian community into their mess.  Whatever decision they're set to make is certain to anger and piss off gays and lesbians.  They're probably best to appoint Steve Kornacki, a gay liberal, but he's on-air all day and all night, providing facts and figures to other infotainers on the network who don't know how to work the big touchscreen monitor.

He needs a vacation, and not be put in the middle of any internal controversies.

The rest of us need a break from being lied to by gay bloggers and activists. Relitigation is what we do, David. If you're not the least bit interested in holding your friend and hero Joy accountable, you shouldn't be in this business.

Thursday, March 5, 2020

what's next. or, some things are better left unsaid.

I anticipate a future HRC or GLAAD fundraiser with Aaron Schock being the headliner.  During this event, he will honored for his courage and bravery and given a "coming out award."  A gay blog or infotainer will praise him and say he hopes Schock will set an example for other politicians.

Hypocrisy? Double standards? Yep.

But, it's how it is.

Earlier this week and during his opening monologue, Chris Matthews, an MSNBC personality, announced his resignation from his own talk show effective immediately and walked off his show.   Since his sudden departure, several gay blogs have been calling on MSNBC to have Joy Reid take over the 7pm slot.  

Joy Reid has a homophobic history. In 2018, a Twitter user uncovered several postins from Joy Reid's old blog, The Reid Report, that were clearly movement.  Instead of apologizing, she denied she wrote those posts.  Then she claimed she had been hacked.  Then some tweets surfaced that were allegedly transphobic

On her weekend AM show, she hosted a panel with LGBTQ activists.  She claimed amnesia. That wasn't true.  Her posts were archived and screenshooted.  She said hired a security analyst and that the  FBI opened a criminal investigation.  None of those claims rang true.

And yet despite everything said here and elsewhere, there are gay blogs who want so much for Reid to take over, they're willing to lie and deceive anyone within eyeshot of their social media:

For those wondering, I opted not to quarrel with David Badash. Some things are better left unsaid.   Said nothing about blogging, however.

The Equality business is like every other business; it's driven by greed and lies.  Here, equality advocates act and behave like businessmen. Their loyalty is based on that.

Here at ngblog, and on social media, I've earned a reputation for questioning others and their motives.    A majority of individuals and organizations opposed to or questioning transgender ideology, for example, don't really want to disassociate themselves from transgenderism or have it declared illegal and criminal.  They only do what they do for clout and money.

What's all the more insulting about these people is how arrogant and ignorant they get when their ego gets in the way of facts. Forget trans.  Let's stay focused on Joy Reid. 

Vox, CNN, and Glen Greenwald have all written  and published stories about Joy Reid and her credibility problems.  So has Raw Story.   Mr. Badash should be familiar with them.  In addition to being founder and editor for The New Civil Rights Movement, Badash submits articles to Raw Story.

Journalists have a responsibility to hold politicians and journalists accountable for what they say or do.  Joy Reid doesn't get a free pass just because you meant them at some event...

or offered you platitudes..

or liked a blog or tweet.

Chris Matthews quit MSNBC because of things he said on-air. Bloggers and infotainers were laying into him on-air and online, exposing his history of sexist and other offensive comments.  GQ posted a story on their website accusing Matthews of sexual harassment.  

According to another website, a network chief visited with Matthews and told him he had to go. Whether it was supposed to happen that way is another story for another day.

Replacing Matthews with Reid would be a slap in the face to the gay community.

One more thing. In addition to Joy Reid being considered as a replacement, there's talk about Shepard Smith being on the "shortlist."  Smith is a gay conservative who worked at Fox News.  Years ago, gay bloggers and activists took umbrage, and then some at the idea or notion of LGBT people working at Fox News. In fact, when it comes to gay conservatives, it's pretty much agreed their oxymorons and useful idiots.  If, should Shepard Smith be chosen to take over 7pm, it's pretty much a given liberal and progressive gay blogs will be losing their shit, and all too happy to relitigate Shepard did on the network.  Just wait. You'll see.

our long national nightmare is over. aaron schock comes out gay.

Aaron Schock is a former American politician who was Republican U.S. Representative for Illinois's 18th congressional district from 2009 until 2015. Since 2004, gay blogs and media outlets have questioned Schock's sexual orientation in relation to his socially conservative voting record, obsessing over his clothing and the bulge in his pants.

I wasn't one of them.

On March 05, 2020, Schock announced he was gay by way of an Instagram post and message on his website, thus ending eleven years of what has been a hypocrisy and double standards that occur mainly on the left and among gay bloggers and activists, people pretending to have morals and standards while falling in love with people they despise.

It's been a secret since 2014 Schock is gay.  As noted via Wikipedia, In January 2014, Itay Hod outed Schock on his Facebook page. In his post which went viral Itay said or wrote, he saw Schock and his male roommate showering together.  TMZ also claimed to have video of him visiting several gay bars.

In April 2019, Schock was photographed and caught on video at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival with several gay men.  Someone published a video that showed Schock kissing and fondling another man at the same event.

In June 2019, a video was released showing Schock tipping a male go-go dancer at a gay bar in Zona Rosa, Mexico City.

In October 2019, Schock was seen and photographed at a dance party for gay men in Los Angeles.

To be fair, some of these gay activists and bloggers have condemned Schock who has a pretty bad record anti-gay voting record. But we are or this is a community plagued by hypocrisy and double standards. Show me a gay person who claims to have principles, standards, and values and I'll show a gay person who lies and judges everyone.

To be fair, I've also condemned Schock on his hypocrisy and history.  Then I was subscribed to the idea or notion outing was necessary to protect our quality of life and make us look equal and normal in the eyes of heterosexual society.    But a lot of the gay blogs and activists couldn't stop obsessing over him.  They got to be more annoying and irritating than Schock. 

Oh, and did I mention Schock's Downtown Abbey inspired office? 

So now that he's out, what's next? I imagine Schock will seek redemption somewhere, perhaps work as a lobbyist for a state-based or national equality organization, file an amicus brief on behalf of some marginalized sub-group hiding under the transgender rights umbrella. or better still, wave some of that GOP money around in the faces of HRC and GLAAD, and they in turn will do everything in their power to erase and forgive his history.

It's happened before.

Ken Melhman was President George Dubya Bush's campaign manager in 2004 and a former chairman of the Republican National Committee.  He was the front and face of the GOP's homophobia back in the day. In 2010, he came out gay in magazine interview.  He also recieved criticism and contempt by several gay blogs and writers. Once Dustin Lance Black bought him to advocate for marriage equality, Mehlman's history and legacy was erased.

Quoting, Steven Petrow wrote a blog for Huffington Post and called him courageous.  The Gay And Lesbian Victory Fund praised him a statement and encouraged other poltical leaders to either come out or reject GOP anti-gay policies.

But wait, there's more!

Anyone remember GOProud? They were a gay conservative and lobbying group founded by Chris Barron and Jimmy LaSalvia, former members of the Log Cabin Republicans.  According to legend, they formed GOProud because Log Cabin Republicans was "too liberal."

In 2010, during a CPAC panel, Ryan Sorba, a homophobic gay man tried to virtue shame several GOProud members sitting in the audience.  Sorba's actions led to popular several gay liberal and progressive blogs known meet with them at another event called RightOnline to resolve any misunderstandings they had with the group.

GOProud eventually tried to go back to their roots. It didn't work out. A period of fake hate crimes and bizarre online meltdown make them a laughing stock.  One of them involved LaSalvia taking upset to being referred to as a Ken doll lookalike. They eventually leave and GOProud.  GOProud ceases operations.  LaSalvia goes left.  Barron stays awhile and forms LGBT for Trump.  He since regrets it.

And no one cares or gives a damn enough to hold them accountable.

One more.  Exodus International was an ex-gay organization backed and supported by anti-gay Christian groups and organizations.  It's entire membership and leadership was comprised of gay men  and women who promoted the false belief of helping gay men overcome their "same sex attraction."  It's members and leadership were also paid to attend anti-gay events across the country to speak against gay and lesbian rights.

In 2012, then president Alan Chambers renounced conversion therapy, saying it did not work and was harmful. The following year, Chambers closed the organization and apologized for the "pain and hurt" participants of their programs had experienced. Several gay blogs known to combat ex-gays and anti-gay extremism gave themselves the right to rehabilitate leaders and members back into the community.  
In 2015, Randy Thomas, who served as Vice President, came out gay in a blog post.  The same year Alan Chambers tells someone he's bisexual.

They have never been held accountable for their actions.

It's how it is here.