Friday, March 22, 2019

lgbt center cancels #WalkAway event after pressure from coward activists

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual [and] Transgender Community Center in Manhattan was scheduled to host a so-called town hall event headlined and hosted by Brandon Straka, founder of the #WalkAway campaign, a controversial social media campaign which calls on the LGBTQ+ community to leave the Democratic party.

But The Center canceled the event after LGBT activists accused The Center of giving space to a hate group that willfully spreads lies and misinformation and betraying the heart and home of the New York City LGBT community.

Um, yeah, about that... this is a victory for cowardice, hypocrisy and double standards.  The so-called LGBT activists who complained today are cowards and hypocrites who now actively support transgenderism, itself a cult, and actively lobby to deny women their civil rights and social inclusion.

They're also the same group who pedophile gay people for moral purification and self-satisfaction and who openly embrace and support homophobic countries who hold public executions of gay people.

That said, there's also been some disagreement as to whether or not The Walk Away campaign is a genuine grassroots movement.  Since Day one, Russian trolls and pro-trump supporters have been posing as disenchanted liberals and progressives leaving and or abandoning the Democratic party and utilizing a combination of truth and lies to breed division within the left.

The truth is in the Left being a hostile and regressive ideology.  The lie is in their being an exodus of people leaving liberalism to join the Cult Of Trump.

On Twitter, Straka tweeted the LGBT Center didn’t even notify him that the event was canceled, and has yet to return his deposit money.  He's currently in search of a new venue.

at accenture, inclusion and diversity means ejecting lesbians who know and understand transgenderism is an evil incarnate

Accenture UK, a global management consulting and professional services firm. hosted an event called 'International Transgender Day of Visibility. The event was free and supposed to be inclusive to all, including women and lesbians.

But someone who profiteers in transgenderism took upset to a lesbian activist sitting quietly as the event was about to start, so organizers called the police and ordered them forcibly eject her from the premises.

The event then supposedly proceeded as scheduled.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

the houston drag queen sex offender controversy is proof sex offender registries don't work

At issue: Alberto Garza, aka Tatiana Mala-Niña, a transgender identified drag queen who participated in a reading program for children was convicted in 2008 for sexually assaulting an eight-year-old boy.

Both Space Kiddettes and the Houston Public Library had failed to do a background check on any of the “Drag Queens,” despite and warnings by MassResistance Texas, a state-based chapter of MassResitance, a nationally known anti-”LGBTx” hate group.

This is a huge blunder and embarrassment for the LGBTx community. For some time now, The LGBT establishment has had everyone believing transgender people are misunderstood people and that no one should allow a few bad actors to tarnish the entire community.

Yeah, about that; since news broke, two people connected to Space Kiddettes have resigned in shame and disgrace; the reading program has been canceled and Mass Resistance and the entire right-wing conservative machine have been doing a happy dance. 

They’ve been vindicated and there isn’t or hasn’t been a fucking thing any of the LGBTx orgs or the blogs have said in response to the controversy except bury their heads in the sand and hope it will all go away.

Until now, I’ve been relishing in schadenfreude at the cowardice, hypocrisy and double standards. 

Full disclosure: I’m a registered citizen, so I must follow certain rules and procedures, even the ones that are demonstrably bullshit and unconstitutional.   That said, while I believe strongly it’s no one’s business I have a conviction, I still have an unethical obligation to inform people and organizations so as to avoid potential conflicts.

I’m not sure Alberto" Tatiana Mala-Niña" Garza shared the same ideals. 

Does anyone?

But I’ve also been pissed off and angry. 

I'm flabbergasted in how dumb and stupid the LGBT establishment community has become, offering redemption to a notorious hate group. The idea or notion of it is so beyond fucking mind blogging, I can't wrap my brain around it.

Seriously.  What the fuck has happened to my community?

On the other hand, Mass Resistance has done something quite amazing. Mass Resistance has proved sex offender registries are a useless bureaucratic mess.

This whole thing got started because MassResistance had filed a public records request, which the city of Houston denied. They sued the City of Houston and a judge threw out the case. Since then, they have been researching participants through the Internet and social media and that's how they eventually found out about Alberto aka Tatiana.

A series of blunders led to an incredible revelation. So why is no one cheering and applauding?  There's a reason for that; it's not the sex offender people fear but the woke police.

But that's another story for another day.  In the meantime, I relish in the schadenfreude of cowardice, hypocrisy and double standards.  Thank you, Mass Resistance.  You've helped me prove my case and cause in a way no one else has.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

online anonymity and opposiing transgenderism

Anonymity is one of the great gifts of the Internet, because it allows people to explore new interests and express opinions without anyone knowing who they are. It's protective, it's empowering, and it's dangerous.
It's also one of the most cowardly and hypocritical things people do and I'm way beyond annoyed and sickened by it.

Now here with the movement or community to have transgenderism removed from the larger lesbian, gay, and the gay/lesbian half of the bisexual community, and in addition regulated so it does not impeach women's rights and freedoms, a majority of advocates on the front lines are either anonymous or unknown, sometime because the person involved has a wife or husband and a family and a dog and cat and they live in the suburbs and pay the mortgage and can't afford to lose their jobs because their views are considered extreme and controversial.

Indeed recent events suggest that is true. As I write, I'm once again learning that in the UK yet another person has been given a police warning after a complaint by a transgender activist.

But other times, it's because they simply lack the courage to really get in the game and shake things up.

Trans opposition has been in large part overrun by cowards and hypocrites.   To be clear, there are activists politically and or fundamentally opposed to transgenderism who have put a face behind their words and actions.

I have, well, kind of sort of.   I believe my words matter more than my face, plus, I'm not into selfie activism or this crazy idea or notion of placing a picture of myself or oneself on a blog or social media to strengthen my argument.

One, it's bullshit.  Two, everyone who supports or opposes my advocacy knows who I am already, that is they do when they want to engage in character attacks rather than discuss what's wrong or right in my opposition to the transgender lobby.

Three, no one supposedly reads my blog or follows me on social media so what would be the point of adding a selfie to my blog or elsewhere.  If I need a reminder of what I look like, there's a mirror I can use.

But other people are just so beyond contempt that words fail.

For example, last week someone named Rafael Aquiles, a gay social justice warrior who purports to oppose to transgenderism and its social ills, wrote a letter in response to another letter written and released by Anthony Watson, a gay oligarch and traitor who advocates changing the laws of reality.  Watson, by his recent actions, has made it abundantly clear he not just hates women but also, lesbians, gays, liberals, progressives, Democracy, and free speech rights,

But as I wrote earlier, Aquiles is a coward and hypocrite.  Last year, he suddenly took issue with my advocacy, in part because I'm a registered citizen, and he in his infinite wisdom decided the only people who can have a say in whether transgenderism is harmful and regressive are himself and the half dozen or so gay activists, bloggers, writers, pundits and academics who've been vetted by feminists who don't like being mansplaining unless that man is transgender or transsexual and who understands the implications of gender id laws.

Wait, hold on: I see a rhetorical question on the horizon; It's telling me, what I just wrote makes no sense.

Yes, I know.

But, it's true. The only gay activists approved or allowed to oppose transgenderism and hypocrites and cowards who believe they have the moral tutelage to point everyone down or up the shining path of freedom from the shackles of transgender slavery.

Not me.  Them.  The ones who are anonymous, using an alias, hiding behind a locked account, and who have been known to cave to transgender extremists faster than a house of cards.

It makes me wonder; Does anyone really want to have T removed from their community and stop them from doing more harm to women and children or is this all a hoax?

Most if not all these people who claim the authority of trans opposition are only interested in getting likes and clicks than they do about transgender regulations.

I don't care for likes or clicks. Well, again, not exactly.  I'd like get a few clicks on my blog.  That way, I can earn a few bucks and eventually buy a better Chromebook.  But I'd also freak if the blog stats show a spike or increase in page views.

And I would enjoy it a lot if someone on Twitter were to stop bullshitting and take the time to explain method and madness behind the hypocrisy and cowardice being exhibited by people and organizations opposed to T.

To be fair, someone has indeed done just that.  But that person appears to have produced or proofread the Aquiles petition and may or may not be aware it was later altered or change after it went online because of stupid social justice warriors.

Whatever.  I don't fucking care.  All I know is that at this point, should the movement to have transgenderism declared unconstitutional and separated from the gay and lesbian community fail, I cannot be held responsible or blamed for its demise. I've done something.  I've said something.

And I've done my best to support others despite their flaws.

But reality and common sense have set in and they say better I am as Ken Schneck tweeted, to be an "unhinged raving recluse' than that guy who regularly betrays his community under the guise of inclusive and equality for all.    If he and others are the standards I'm supposed to live in and live by, then fuck that.

I'm right where I should be in this cowardly, hypocritical, double standards debate against transgenderism: Safe and strong.

I've done more to prove transgenderism is a cult and religion and hate group than all the people combined who claim they're hurt, wounded, and or threatened by transgenderists. My blog or social media are not set to private. I've never caved to transgender crazies or anyone within the regressive Left and I don't go running to conservative media when push comes to shove.

Know what else? I also have no motive, which is why a majority of people often block or mute or in some bizarre instances engage in personal attacks.  The arguments for or against transgenderism are weak and convincing.

And sometimes preposterous.  That person in the UK who is on Twitter and angry and upset over getting a police warning? Turns out she belongs to or subscribes to a religion whose sole purpose is to oppress people. 

Update: And to prove once again I'm not the one whose the or a problem, PLOS ONE issued an apology to trans activists for publishing a controversial paper by Lisa Litttman which suggested gender dysphoria was spreading among children and have released a revised version.  But they also admit there was nothing wrong with the original study?

So what gives?  Apparently, trans activists had objected to the term or phrase, "rapid onset gender dysphoria" so they decided, under threat but of course, that the phrase is not a "validated clinical term."


Saturday, March 16, 2019

it's not my fault. i don't make this stuff up.

So despite my own grievances regarding the petition against #GWithTheT, the letter and hashtag signed and created by Anthony Watson and seventy-three prominent men including Dustin Lance Black and George Takei, the petition itself was an acceptable, precise, definite, and proportional, measured response to #GWithTheT.

Too bad the guy who wrote it is a coward and hypocrite. But that's my problem, not necessarily anyone else's problem.

Unfortunately, it would seem that once again the people and groups and organization opposed to transgenderism on philosophical grounds are so beyond the pale, their intentions end up doing more harm than good.

It's my understanding someone or someone group complained the petition was bias and discriminatory against women, so the petition creator amended it to include them.

Say what one will, but the petition was direct and specific.   Women shouldn't be complaining or objecting.  What happened to all that stuff about not wanting to be mansplaining? I'm not sure.  I am sure that I'm so beyond sick and tired of all the bullshit, I've actually become sick and tired.

To be clear, none of this is my fault.    Like many other people, I mistook a popular myth about Stonewall for a fact.  I got mislead.  I was lied to. And I was hated on.  Alot.  So it goes. It's like that here in the gay community.  Now that I known for some years, transgender people had little or no origins in the gay movement, I'm being hated on, again, by holier than though activists who say or insist the only people who can advocate against transgenderism must be sacrosanct or unimpeachable and vetted specifically by man-hating women and gender apostates.

This whole fucking thing is bullshit and makes no sense, and it's not my fault.  I'm gay and I want to have transgenderism dissociated from my community.  Why are people and organizations opposed to transgenderism making things so difficult?

To make matters worse, there's news of a Houston based drag queen who has been reading to children at a local public library as part of its Drag Queen Storytime program is a registered sex offender.

According to local media, Mass Resistance Texas, a hate group trying to put an end to the program, and led by a gay/bi man, contacted several news organizations about the child sex offender.

But wait, there's more! The so-called child sex offender is transitioning to be a woman.

So, as gay man, blogger, activist, and full disclosure, I'm also a registered citizen, what am I now supposed to say or do?  I've been trying for years to show and prove to my community gay people on the registry can return to society and act and behave responsibly.

But for some reason, my community doesn't want that, including that guy who just fucked up his counter-protest/petition.

And Draq Queen Story Hour.  Again, to be clear and fair, I'm not sure Draq Queen Story Hour bears any responsibility for the blunder.  They should.  They need to own up and prevent people from ruining a safe, harmless initiative.

Will they? Probably not.  Blame that on hypocrisy, cowardice and double standards, not me.   I don't make this stuff up.  I ain't got the time for anyone's bullshit and incompetence.

Friday, March 15, 2019

the letter and the petition against the letter

The Letter

Anthony Watson, a white "cis" gay man, wrote a letter in support of trans rights and makes clear that gay men “stand in public solidarity with our trans siblings.”  The letter was or is signed by "prominent gay men".

I've already had my say.  The letter is homophobic and misogynist.

It's also offensive and hypocritical.

As I wrote before,  the gay community has no obligation to support anyone or anything to support its demise.  Transgenderism does just that.

In fact, transgenderism is rooted in conservative ideals, the same kind that just inspired someone to commit a massive hate crime in New Zealand.  The only difference is that Watson didn't write an eighty-seven-page manifesto expressing support for the transgenderism 

If only.  Had Watson outlined his demand with more wording, more people would realize transgenderism is an existential threat to gay and lesbian identity.   I'm not sure anyone does, not even those here on my left who claim to be opposed to transgenderism but in reality are only interested in playing social media tag with transgender extremists and gay traitors like Anthony Watson.

That said, there is an actual benefit to the letter.    These people are showing us who they are.  They're volunteering.  Gay and lesbian people fundamentally opposed to transgenderism must see to it that no one attempts to remove the letter or website from social media platforms and instead, encourage more people pledging loyalty to the transgender agenda to add their names.

In the way, those of us who adhere to truth and fact will know who to avoid.

The Petition

Someone named Rafael D. Quiles has created a petition in support of women and their sex-based rights.  

I haven't been asked.  Not yet.  Regardless, I won't be signing  Mr. Quiles is a coward and hypocrite who caved like a cheap suitcase at my expense and to the benefit of transgender activist extremists and their hypocrisy and double standards.

The movement to have transgenderism removed or separated from the larger LGB community has been a dismal failure and it's not because of me.  Whatever errors or mistakes I've made have no bearing in anything.  Trans extremists and several gay activists have made it so because they know all too well the power of fear and how to harness it.   It's what makes them successful and people who want no part of transgenderism look meek and incompetent.  

The idea or notion that the only gay people opposed to transgenderism must be unimpeachable and approved by lesbians and feminists who hate men but friend or favor 'gender apostates" is an idea or notion that is simply beyond comprehension.

But it's an idea or notion that is real and it's one that occurs all too frequently on social media.

I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired of the hypocrisy, cowardice, and double standards.

Now I agree that transgenderism is harmful to women, young and old.  But transgenderism also harms gay and lesbian people too.  People are now beginning to ask what it is exactly transgender community and allies are trying to accomplish; Is it to reduce the number of gay and lesbian people around the world?  I doubt Mr. Quiles knows the answer.  Had he wouldn't caved like a cheap tent in the middle of a light breeze.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

#gwiththet @anthonywatson

As I said earlier, I don't necessarily have a problem with gay and lesbian activists expressing support for trans equality. However, a majority of these gay and lesbian activists have become deaf, dumb, and blind to anyone or anything to anything or anybody who don't subscribe to their narrow-minded beliefs.

In the process, these people become the very thing they despise in others. They block when they should listen and they talk disparaging of women and gay and lesbian people who know and understand male and female are not interchangeable and transgenderism being a complete and total rejection of reality and fact.

Anthony Watson, a [UK based] entrepreneur, Labour Party lead LGBT+ adviser,GLAAD board member - and, oh yeah, coward activist - is one such person.

The Daily Mail reports Watson wrote a letter calling on lesbian, gay and bisexual people to stand shoulder to shoulder with transgender people.

He also created a new website, and hashtag, the former and latter which has the support of influential names from the LGBT+ community.

They include Dustin Lance Black, George Takei, Simon Blake OBE, Owen Jones, Russell T Davies OBE, Benjamin Cohen, CEO, PinkNews Media Group, and Daniel Newman, an actor who appeared in ten episodes of The Walking Dead as an extra, spoke one line,  and was shot and kiiled in an ambush scene that reeks of an anti-gay trope or sterotype.

About this letter....
My name is Anthony Watson – an entrepreneur, a member of the Board of Directors of GLAAD(1), a Patron of Diversity Role Models(2), and a white, cis, gay man.
 One of these days, gay male activists will remember or realize it's quite possible to support trans causes without caving to transgender claptrap.  CIS? It's a slur and sign of weakness.
I am writing this letter alongside many other gay men of different privileges. Just as lesbians have shown their support through #LWithTheT we now stand in public solidarity with our trans siblings.

As gay men we have watched in horror at the cruelty inflicted upon the trans community. We are outraged. The most vulnerable people in our society are marginalised, scared and endangered. Trans communities, and in particular trans children, are under attack on a daily basis. 
But they're also attacking other communities too.  Here where I live, a trans-identified male was just arrested in a series of hate crime attacks in Manhattan and The Bronx.    What was the reason or purpose of these attacks? Walking and not bowing and genuflecting.
What do trans people want? They want the right to live their lives in peace, to be free from violence and discrimination, and to enjoy equal protection under the law. What they want, in short, are the same basic protections and rights we as gay men enjoy.
Watson is being dishonest to the no one's surprise.  Apparently, in order for trans people to have their rights women must acquiesce and present themselves as the weaker sex and gay and lesbian present themselves as a meekly community incapable of advocacy or proper lobbying.
How quickly we forget. The iconic Stonewall riots of 1969 that galvanised the gay rights movement were guided by trans people. Trans women fought for our rights when few others would. Now, on the fiftieth anniversary of Stonewall, we need to answer the call of our trans siblings.
And yet again, the Stonewall Myth.  To be fair, this is something that happens quite often, and it's mostly always the fault of gay leadership and other people with the requisite skills to educate and inform. They don't.  They let their ego get in the way of things and make no effort to educate the masses or future generations the word or term transgender didn't exist in 1969 and never the vanguard in the gay and lesbian movement.

That said, there are some who eventually realize their error or blunder and make a sincere effort to rectify our error.  Watson is plain lying.
We support trans communities. We support the proposed changes to the Gender Recognition Act 2004 which seeks to de-medicalise trans people and give them the freedom to be recognised in law with the same ease as trans people in Ireland, Malta and Argentina.
 FYI, The Gender Recognition Act of 2004 is a UK based law that legally recognizes the sex claims of transgender people.  But it also according to my frenemies from across the water, perpetuates a mental illness model for understanding transgender desires;   The Act harms women and to an increasing extent, gay and lesbian people.
All trans people want to be able to live without fear or harassment as they go about their daily lives. Whether trans men, trans women, non-binary people, fluid, queer or unsure. As gay men, we applaud others’ quest to define themselves and to find their own happiness.
 If only they can do it without infringing on anyone's elses rights.
No community should – or can – be expected to withstand the personal and unyielding public scrutiny and demonisation of their existence. Media coverage of trans people is toxic, relentless and inaccurate. It is creating an extremely hostile environment for all trans people, and in particular trans children.
There is no such thing as a trans child.  Show me a parent who says their baby or infant child told them they've been misgendered and I'll show you a munchausen parent living off their children's earnings in the transgender chicken circuit.
We, as gay men, must stand with them. Being an ally requires more than passive support. Today’s transphobia is yesterday’s recycled homophobia.
Indeed, transphobia and homophobia share common roots and presentations. But homosexuality is a real thing. Transgenderism is a man-made problem that produces problems for everyone.
We all remember and feel the impact of the pernicious Section 28.
Section 28 homophobic legislation introduced in 1998 by the Thatcher Government. It was a law or clause that stated a banned local authorities and schools from “promoting” homosexuality.  The law was repealed in Scotland in June 2000 and the rest of the UK in November, 2003.
We are reminded of Martin Niemöller’s poem “First they came for the for the…”.
 It's offensive to be quoting Niemoller.  If anything, transgenderism borrows heavily from Nazism.  Nazi scientists committed medical experiments on prisoners including children in their concentration camps.  Transgenderists demand access to women prisons and are using children as social experiments to further their agenda.
Gay men cannot afford to sit out this fight.
Yes we can.  Sexual orientation is not the same as gender identity and expression.  Transgenderism is a movement or ideology being both funded and driven by rich white heterosexual men.  Their money has bought them alot of influence... and gay activists.
Transphobic people aren’t just coming for trans rights; they’re coming for all of us.
One, there's no such thing as "transphobic people."  Well, to be clear, there are people who love to hate others.  Whether they can be called or classified as transphobic is another story.
Every gay man owes, in no small part, the rights and privileges we now enjoy to the courage and sacrifice of our trans siblings who came before.
No gay man owes transgenderists anything.  Our rights and privileges came by way of police corruption and gay and lesbian people one day saying enough of the brutality.
Now we must stand alongside them as they lead the fight for theirs.
Supporting transgender is a choice, not a mandate.  We as a community must refuse, but then that suggests or implies gay people are monolithic and we're not.
Trans men are men.
Trans women are women.
Non-binary identities are valid.
Non-binary is a fad.
Trans rights are human rights.
Sure, as long as they don't infringe on others.
In solidarity
I don't solidarize with cowards and hypocrites.