Friday, December 6, 2019

so how was your week?

So how was your week, Nelson.  Oh great;  I had a coward activist gay blogger (Alvin McEwen) attack me and defend a bigot on my birthday.

But of course, nobody said anything or did anything because I have a controversial background and history that involves prison and registration and somewhere in this godforsaken universe of ours or mine, there exists a Miranda like memo or by-law that says convicted people cannot possess or subscribe to opinions and beliefs supported by facts and evidence and that any actions, views, beliefs, be it past or present can be held against you by strangers on social media.

I anticipate having someone once again say, "oh, there goes Nelson whining and complaining again."  If you be that person, you should know that I say or wrote is true just from the mere fact you''ve spent several days staring at your phone, tablet, or laptop scared shitless

Does it matter to anyone that I've accepted personal responsibility, evolved, matured (I suppose) and spent the last fifteen years calling on my community to stop being stubborn,naive, and ignorant all the time?  No, apparently not.

But whatever. Although I've said or wrote before about not reopening old wounds, doing so is sometimes necessary. Some people need to be told over and over again why they're cowards. I have a duty and responsibility to protect myself from fallacious arguments.

I've also spent a majority of my week "arguing" with someone who I must conclude is not convinced a gender-critical transgender activist named Jenn Smith ought to be told to fuck off and stay in his lane. 

For those who don't know, Jenn Smith is a transgender author, speaker and political critic who explores the transgender ideology and its negative impact on children and the rights of women. 

He's also a mansplaining hypocrite who doesn't like women who don't genuflect before his sainted identity.

Earlier this month, a video appeared featuring Smith addressing remarks made by Ronan Morgane Oger, a Vancouver transgender activist who says Smith is being sponsored by the Canadian Christian Lobby and associates with local white supremacist chapters including someone or something called the Soldiers Of Odin.  

[It's my understanding some members of Soldiers Of Odin have provided security for Smith's speaking events.  Smith, to be fair, has been protested against for speaking against a curriculum he says blurs the lines of sexual orientation and gender identity and for, of course, being a critic of transgender rights policies.]

However, before he embarked on his hour-long rebuttal of Oger, Smith has some choice words for Lindsay Shepard and Meghan Murphy.

About Shepard, Smith accused Shepard of being part of a "Toronto cabal" of National Post writers who hold narrow-minded views about transgender ideology.

That statement might not mean much to the average person, but to those of us involved in the fight to have transgender de-embedded from LGB and women's rights, "cabal" implies an interest group acting sometimes in secret and with hostile intent against a group of nation of individuals.

There's nothing deep state about criticizing transgenderism.    This "community," if I may, way too splintered and disorganized, sniping at one another over which tactic will save the day over other tactics and being forced to work separate and second guess each other.

It's a place rife with anonymous, cowards, hypocrites, feminists hostile to anyone who criticizes them and their movement, and people, some desperate and obsessed with winning, they seem to have forgot what it is they're fighting for or against.

Is it about getting T disassociated from LGB and women's rights or is it about profiteering?

Our problems are out in the open, from 4th Wave Now bickering with the Kelsey Coalition, feminists arguing with lesbian activists over forming alliances with social conservative activists and organizations to, and of course,gay activists often acting and behaving like cowards upon a fallacy being imposed on someone.

Even if Lindsay were part of a cabal, it can't be any good because someone in that group/cabal -Jonathan Kay - caved like a cheap paper plate upon Oger's intimating gaze at an event featuring Murphy, Jonathan Kay, Anna Slatz and Lindsay Shepard.

OBEY the OGER.  Or Else.

Smith then went on to criticize Meghan Murphy.  What's Smith's beef with Meghan Murphy? Everything, from not adopting his beliefs and acting and speaking the way he thinks she should and not paying him homage on Feminist Current, a website and podcast that focuses primarily on women's issues.

On Twitter, I tweeted Lindsay Shepard and Meghan Murphy should address Smith's concerns and tell him to fuck off.  

Ironically, I've had a hard time selling that point to those concerned.  "He just feels left out," said or wrote one.  He wants to be "on the same level" as Meghan Murphy, "invited to do speaking engagements worldwide," she said.  

My response: Smith should hire a publicist. 

Addendum: Smith has an earlier video in which he attacks Murphy for not kissing his penis.  Oddly in that video, he says or claims he had been invited to participate at this event, he would have called out both Oger and Kay and criticized Murphy and the other women on the panel for saying nothing and doing nothing.  I agree.   She should have.

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

queerty writer encourages people to have sex with HIV-positive partners

LGBT+ news outlet Queerty posted an article entitled “What you stand to lose by not having sex with people with HIV”.

Written by David Hudson, the article discusses the stigma faced by people with HIV in the dating world, and reportedly "busts" what it claims are well-trodden myths surrounding the spread of the virus.

The article begins with a fictional scenario about a couple who "love one another like crazy and continue to be amazed at how much they have in common."

They work out together at the same gym, enjoy watching the same nerdy, sci-fi and fantasy series on Netflix, and share a love for Japanese and Korean food. 
They seemed to effortlessly merge their groups of friends when they got together and share the same values when it comes to working hard and building their careers. 
Although neither has popped the question yet, they’re likely heading toward marriage somewhere down the line. They love, trust and support each other.
Oh, and the sex? The sex is mind-blowing. It helps that Todd’s around 20% top and 80% bottom and Carl’s the opposite. They just click. They make that ridiculously cute couple that others envy.
Hudson then ends his fictional narrative by way of another narrative, what happens when someone admits on a dating app he's HIV Positive and is rejected because no one wants that kind of complication in their lives.

Hudson, who lives in the UK concluded his story by scaring readers into having sex with people with HIV.
Refusing to entertain the idea of dating an HIV-positive person might just mean you miss out on the love of your life.
This story is careless, ignorant, and hypocritical.  For starters, the gay community is a community deeply entrenched in hypocrisy and double standards.  We have  "one day chicken next day feathers attitudes" about sex.

One day it's live and let live.  The next day, Carl is running around social media calling his sexual liasons "abuse," and filing charges against Todd for unlawful HIV transmission and sodomy.

We're also a community that abhors appreciating consequences.

For those wondering, I'm gay and I didn't know what "consequences" meant until I had what a former online ally described as an unforeseen circumstance that dumped my life down the toilet. I've now spent the entire decade trying to figure out why my "community" despises truth and responsibility.

I've been hoping for a long time for someone to explain why, but that would be mysterious person has yet to reveal themselves.  Either such a person doesn't exist or they're dead.

On the latter, I hope it's not from HIV/AIDS because that would be ironic.
Here in New York, it is a misdemeanor for a person who knows that he or she is infected with a sexually transmitted disease (STD) to have sexual intercourse with another person. It's also possible for someone to be prosecuted for reckless endangerment or exposure, knowingly contracting HIV during sex (and not using a condom.)

I don't know what the laws are in the UK and elsewhere. Mr. Hudson offers no information on the risks involved in having sex with people with HIV. In fact, Hudson and others have a term to describe people they say have negative attitudes and beliefs about people living with HIV.

They call it "HIV Stigma."

On Twitter, gay activist and former podcaster Ken Schneck implied I was being homophobic for tweeting Hudson's arguments are similar to arguments made about smoking, denying Jesus, and blogging for free at Huffington Post.

How is it homophobic to say no to someone who is HIV+ ? Of course, not. Who cares if they're Mr. Right? HIV is a terrible disease that costs the individual/taxpayer in money, heartache, and health outcomes over a lifetime.

Schneck spent a majority of his day and night bombarding me with logical fallacies, I assume in the hope I'll walk back or reconsider my views.

It hasn't.

He and Mr. Right can go to hell.

Friday, November 22, 2019

the day after

Twas the day after transgender day of remembrance and all thru social media, the louses at the anti-LGB pro-TQIA organizations continue(d) to spread lies and falsehoods about black trans women being victims of a criminal epidemic.

Newsflash: If it's a day that ends in Y, somewhere on this planet, there is guaranteed to be someone or some group in a state of mourning over some alleged trans-woman who had their life cut short because they didn't learn to appreciate consequences, and dreamed himself or themselves into a world of impunity.

It's been so every day since 2014; Non-stop propaganda being pumped out into society by homophobic corporate monopolies to an undereducated, overworked, mentally lazy populace who can't find their butts with both hands.

Yesterday's event was a shameful masquerade, a false appeal to emotion designed to strip women to give up their hard-earned rights and for gay and lesbian people being once again the basement-dwelling sexual deviants all the bigots and haters meant for us to be.

Here's some information the Human Rights Campaign didn't disclose in their propaganda tweet: Of the 22 people the HRC dragged and exploited for TDOR 2019, only one person appears to have been killed because of their gender identity. 

According to a blogger at The Federalist, Paris Cameron was a Black transgender identified male who was among three people killed in an anti-LGBTQ shooting in a home in Detroit on May 25. A suspect, Devon Robinson, was arrested and charged with three counts of first-degree murder. At his trial, the blogger writes, "he shot multiple people while attempting to target LGBT individuals."

That said, it's a stretch to imagine or believe anti-transgender bias played a factor in Cameron's death or that he was a specific target for violence.  A more plausible scenario is Cameron died prematurely because he was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

There is no evidence of anti-transgender bias in the other 21 cases. 

Simply put, yesterday's event was a shameful masquerade, a false appeal to emotion designed to strip women to give up their hard-earned rights and for gay and lesbian people being once again the basement-dwelling sexual deviants all the bigots and haters meant for us to be.

What say the Human Rights Campaign? I'm not holding my breath for a clarification.

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

it's the most cowardly, hypocritical time of the year.

It's Transgender Remembrance Day, that day of days when everyone memorializes those who have been murdered alleged due to transphobia and publish facts and data that are false and misleading.

Yay, hooray, woo-hoo!

I've been told to behave today or else.

Who said that? Truth be told, nobody. I made this up.  What's anyone to do about it? Fire me? I'm already fired.  I've been shadowbanned, deboosted, muted, and put on dozens of blocklists. In other words, I'm out of sight and out of mind and that means I can say, write, and or tweet about whoever and whatever I want and there ain't no one to pitch a fit.

Still though, I'd be remiss if I did not do part to observe this all imporant holiday.

After all, who does TDOR better than me?  I pay tribute to everyone including those rape and murder and pedophile in the name of transgender rights.

For example, I'm pretty sure there are people who believe Dana Rivers is a political prisoner and hero for murdering a lesbian couple and their son.  Why should he, I mean she be excluded from TDOR observances?

How about Mia Williams, the black trans woman who poured gasoline on a woman who was waiting on line at a Taco Bell in Tallahassee, Florida and set her on fire?  The fucking nerve of that woman to be in the presence of a black trans woman..  Didn't she know black trans women are the most marginalized and oppressed group, period?  As far as I'm concerned, the bitch had it coming.

Yes, no, indeed, I'm going to do my part and pay tribute to Mia Williams for his/her courage and bravery for standing up to ingnorance.  I wish HER all the best as he rots away in his vermin-infested prison cell.

How about Tiffany, the "trans woman" in the viral video who said he, oops she was mistreated by an employee of an Albuquerque video game store and demanded to be called "Maam?"  Such bravery and courage ordering strangers to genuflect before their sainted identity.

Jenn Smith, Miranda Yardley. Traitors to some, heroes to others.  These are two trans-identified men who critique the transgender cult/community/ideology while keeping their transgender identity.  They both have hooked, lined, and snickered lesbians and straight women into believing they're allies and advocates for lesbian and women's rights.   Better yet, they've made a mockery of opposing transgenderism.  

To be fair, both Smith and Yardley have paid a price for their contrarian views and beliefs.  They've been threatened, protested, and had their social accounts taken down.  Despite truth and reality being on the side of those opposed to transgenderism and all its works, there hasn't been anything anyone can do to have their accounts recovered.

Despite my disdain and contempt, I gotta cut them some slack.  Still though, there's underlying hypocrisy and double standard that stinks to high heaven. It's like being shat on and being told it's a mudslide.

Rhys Rachel Veronica McKinnon. Although a cheat and bully, he she is a hero for expressing a desire to see women who refuse his dick to die in grease fires and celebrating the death of an internet-famous lesbian feminist who died from complications of brain cancer.

Layleen Cubillette Polanco, transgender Riker's inmate found dead in his cell. The trans led orgs and kool-aid drinkers want everyone to believe he's a victim of transphobic neglect. In reality, Polanco died from epilepsy and ignorance.  The prison industrial complex doesn't discriminate. As I noted before, Riker's Island is a cesspool of corruption and broken people.  Would Polanco be alive if Riker's officers done their job? Yes, probably, sure. But let's ignore the facts and pretend he's a martyr anyway.  

There are thousands of horror stories about incarceration, not just at RIker's Island but thousand of other prison complexes too.  No one has ever given a fuck about them because they're not transgender.

Oh, by the way, I can't think of a better way to pay trivute to Polanco by calling him "afrolatinx," a term invented by and for woke leftists who disguise their homophobia, transphobia and racism by cloaking theirs in "gender neutral" terminology.

Last but no means least, I, we, me, and you must pay tribute to "JY." After all, look at what he she has accomplished in the name of transgender rights and acceptance.  Among his outstanding contributions is filing lawsuits against women who refused to perform waxing services on his genitalia, preys and creeps on young girls. During a livestream with Blaire White, another transgender identified male being omitted and ignore from TDOR observances because he's not dead, Yaniv brandished an illegal taser and was arrested.  The charges were later dropped, however. On social media, he claimed possession of child pornography. Instead of being arrested, police visited his home, took a look around and left.

Had this been anyone else, they or we would be thrown into a fucking jail and blown up the prison.  Not JY. His transgenderism and vulnerability make him immune to prosecution.

Oh, again, my bad: There's a voice on the horizon that says or writes JY lost his court cases and appeal. Did he lose? Those women he sued won't ever recover. Meghan Murphy, the writer/journalist/activist who first raised awareness about the aestiticians and "JY," is still banned from Twitter despite the cat being out of the bag.

So who exactly was won here?

So, hip, hip hoorah to all the dead people no one ever gave a goddamn about in life and an extra special muah to all those who bullied, cheated, raped, murdered, and pedophiled their way into transgender sainthood.  I don't know about anyone else but I object to the idea or notion that to be celebrated or honored, you gotta be murdered and put in a pine box and put in the ground.  Fuck that.  This is your day/night too.  You deserve to be recognized too.

Note: There's quite a few people I omitted. I may edit them in later.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

the false equivalency between gay/lesbian and transgender

At issue: CROSSDREAMERS, a pro-trans blog written by someone named "Jack Molay" published a story attacking lesbians opposed to transgenderism and implied their arguments against the transgender community are the same ones "homophobes" have used against gays/lesbians.

The blog sourced a Twitter user known to collect old newspaper clippings to document "how the arguments used against gay men and lesbian women are now being used against transgender people.

Among the clippings is a story from The Sun newspaper from July 12,1990 which alleged or implied Martina Navritolva was turning "girls into gays;" and a Baltimore Sun Op-Ed from July 20, 1997 that referred to gay male life as a "culture of death,"   The rest are mostly letters published in local newspapers and opinion stories from writers and pundits long dead, forgotten and or ignored, including some guy named Morrie Ryskind.

Just saying; In all the years I've been a blogger, activist, and I suppose social justice warrior, I've never had or encountered anyone invoking or quoting Morrie Ryskind. If you're wondering he's got a Wikipedia.  To be clear, I've had or been witness to people and organizations arguing heterosexual rights.  But they were mostly "ex-gays activists" advocating for "ex-gay rights."  Their advocacy was a farce, much like the one being had now for transgender rights.

As a gay man, I'm not at liberty to speak on behalf of the lesbian community. At post time, I'm not sure if any lesbian writer or blogger plans to or will address the allegation or insinuation presented by that blog or blogger. Whether they will or won't is, I suppose, up to them. 
I can, however, say or write the descriptor used by the blog or blogger is homophobic and that those who use the term are incompetent morons who lack common sense and sound judgment. 

To be fair, those newspaper clippings are quite amazing and historical.  I spent a few extra hours trying to learn about them.   But his evidence does not support his facts.  For example, Molay posted a partial screengrab from a newspaper to accuse lesbians are transphobic for presenting trans women as criminals.

To be clear, the screengrab was a story that was published on page 30 of the March 15, 1964 edition of the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle.  The story was titled, The Outcasts: Life Of Fear of Arrest, Blackmail.  The body of the story warned of gay life for the homosexual male in 1964 Rochester, New York and what happens if and when a homosexual male is arrested on sodomy charges.  It also... well, see or read for yourself:
...50 from 23 to 13, and six younger than 13. One of those is a lad of 12 who now seeks to initiate younger boys in homosexual practices of which he himself was introduced by an older man who made contact with scores of youths while he was active in a well-known youth movement.
Homosexual activity in the area means more to police than just keeping statistics.
The bureau makes an effort to answer complaints and suppress solicitation in places like taverns, downtown bridges, parks and lavatories in public buildings.  
From 1958 through 1963 there were 119 arrests for sodomy, many involving homosexuals. Sodomy is the most serious homosexual offense. 
Any sexual contact between persons of the same sex is punishable under the sodomy statute. 
If the action involves any use of force or threat of force or if one of the participants is a minor, the crfme is a felony. 
In all other cases, it is a misdemeanor. 
Besides these charges, hundreds of arrests have been made for loitering, intoxication, disorderly conduct, vagrancy and other charges in which the principals are homosexuals. 
Crimes, such as blackmail, arson and even suicide follow homosexual acts. 
Locally, police say, blackmail sometimes follows an act between a young and a middle-aged prosperous homosexual. 
A jealous deviate, Policewoman Mather explained, will commit arson as an act of vengeance against a former partner. 
Some local suicides can be attributed to homosexuality, she added. 
Homosexuals like dramatic suicides and seek to kill themselves by reckless driving or jumping from a building. 
Lesbians, or female homosexuals, are often arrested for assault when a person of the opposite sex or another lesbian flirts with the passive or feminine acting partner. 
Homosexuals are intense, sometimes unstable, and often dont accept reality, according to Policewoman Mather. 
"The average homosexual," she maintained, "is a very dissatisfied and unhappy person." 
Tomorrow: The life of a Rochester homosexual:
How does this story dispel the criminal myth about transgender people? It doesn't,  Homosexuality was illegal in the United States during the 1960's  Homosexuals were overwhelmingly oppressed, exploited, and vulnerable to arrests by local, state, and federal police.  The law and the criminal justice system was stacked against gay people.  If a gay person committed suicide it's only because of the shame and humilation that came from being targets for persecution.  Transgender, or to be more succinct, the transgender identity didn't exist during the 1960's.  If it did, it was probably called crossdressing or transvestism, and likely labeled as mental illness as homosexuality once was.

Homosexuality is no longer considered a mental illness.  Transgender still is, but they call it "gender dysphoria."  Before it was called "gender identity disorder."  Whatever they call it, it's still a mental illness.

Molay then posted this bit under the screengrab:
In the same way trans women are presented as criminals these days, gay men and lesbian women were considered villains in the 20th century. 
The fact is, of course, that gay, lesbian and trans people are neither more likely or less likely to take part in criminal activities than those who live up to the cis/heterosexual ideals. People are people, regardless of sexual orientation og gender identity.
Newsflash: Molay is correct. People are people when they break the law. It doesn't matter if they 're straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual and or transgender.  However, when gay (and lesbian) people commit crimes and are prosecuted for those crimes, they do their time as male (gay) and or female (lesbian), that is, they serve their time in a prison facility designed to house male or female inmates.  Lesbians and gay people accept the consequences of their actions and do whatever they need to do to survive.  That I know of, there are no instances of gay or lesbian people using transgenderism as an excuse to have an easier time.

On the other hand, there have been numerous documented cases of males committing crimes against women and or children, then using transgenderism as an excuse or cover to serve out their time to avoid the insanity that is synonymous with prison life.  Some inmates have also used the transgender identity as a means to alter their criminal history and seek a new life in open hiding.

Full disclosure: I did a year in prison for an internet crime.  I sought protective custody for my stay. Instead, I spent half of it at a general population unit.  Someone tampered with my paperwork and gave himself the right to make my year as miserable as possible and It took four very long months to get that paperwork sorted out.  Was I being a coward? Yeah, perhaps.  But I wasn't looking for an easy time. Prison is not meant to be luxurious.  Although I'm sometimes no better off now than I was then, life is indeed better on the outside.  Life at Riker's was a cesspool of violence, corruption, and inhumane conditions. The dorm units crawled with vermin infestations substandard medical care, and violence and abuse at the hands of guards and inmates, some who imagined they were characters from some prison movie.

Which one? Does it matter?

Lesbians have every right to refuse compulsory transgenderism. Everyone does, in fact. 

As I noted or wrote before, the idea or notion that a refusal or argument against transgender people is hate speech and violence is an idea or notion meant to de-legitimize our lived, and all too real, experiences.

Ironically, the person who clipped the above story didn't capture the first half of the article and the followup story. I suppose whatever was said or written couldn't be taken out of context and used as an argument against gays

Molay or CROSSDREAMERS also falsely implied people who transitioned from either male to female or female to male and later detransitioned is a lie and myth and that lesbian activists opposed to transgenderism are using them to invalidate transgenders.

Um, no. Detransition is by no means a myth. No one is born transgender. The myth is in the idea or notion people are born into the wrong body. Transgenders are unstable and paranoid, imagining or believing they're victims of a vast globularist conspiracy involving cops, lawyers, doctors, politicians, the media, corporate business, and lesbians.

The sooner people stop pretending or believing transgender people are being marginalized and that the only way to ease their pain and suffering is from walking back gay and lesbian and women's rights and offering children as sacrificial pawns, the sooner we can stop the false equivalency between gay/lesbian and transgender.

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

lgbtqnation sides with white nationalist against milo yiannopolous

Granted, Milo Yiannopolous has a history of remarks and actions that have come to haunt him.   Some of it has resulted in him being blacklisted from society. As far as I'm concerned, he's not doing himself any favors by virtue-signaling his way back into the hearts and minds of the conservative masses, but whatever. 

But does any of it warrant an "LGBTQ" news outlet and news magazine taking sides with a white nationalist?

I, of course, say no, but what I know about these things?

Oh, yeah, right, I've been punished, shadowbanned and deboosted by the LGBTQ establishment for having an ugly history that includes prison and registration and having views and beliefs that are different to the majority position.  I advocate separation from transgender community and oppose attempts to have pedophilia called a sexual orientation and the letter P added to the LGB or LGBT abbreviation.

The "LGBTQ movement" does not subscribe to the same views and beliefs as I. They are for all intents and purposes, anti-gay and lesbian,  The LGBTQ movement now supports medical intervention (aka conversion therapy) for gay and lesbian children and youth.  I do not. 

It's said nothing and done nothing about Dr. James Cantor, the gay activist and sexologist who tweeted opposing pedophile rights is akin to flat-earthers and anti-vaxxers. 

I have.

This week it came out in support of a white nationalist heard on audiotape ranting about Jewish and mixed-raced people. I'm the only gay blog outraged by it.

Saturday, October 26, 2019

if you're not peak trans after reading this, there's something wrong with you.

For the uninformed, peaks trans is "when the threshold of cognitive dissonance that the trans ideology requires of someone exceeds the limits of a person's willing suspension of disbelief, and that person's eyes open to where they can no longer agree with the narrative."
definition source:

There was a whole lot of peak trans this week.

The week , "JY," a trans-identified male losing a major court case he brought against estheticians who refused to was his male genitalia.  To be clear, "JY" is a sexual predator using transgenderism as a ruse to commit crimes against women and young girls.  However, because the establishment invited itself to portray transgender people as a marginalized group deserving greater rights, freedoms, and powers, his actions should have caused people to realize the transgender movement is a ruse.

If people haven't peak trans'd because of "JY, "antics,  there's something wrong with you.

Anne Georgulas is a woman in Texas who hopped on the transgender societal bandwagon to win a child custody battle.  Her actions have led The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services to investigate whether Georgulas “manipulated” her seven-year-old son into a “false gender self-identity.”  

If people didn't peak on account of a woman using child transgenderism to win a divorce case, there's something wrong.

Rhys "Rachel" McKinnon, is a PhD and proessional cyclist who identifies as transgender. To be clear again, he ought to have peak trans everyone weeks or months ago when he openly celebrated the death of a lesbian vlogger who died from complications of brain cancer or when he posted a video calling on children to denounce their mothers on Mother's Day and join the "glitter queer family of pedophilic trans activists.  This week McKinnon won the Masters Track Cycling World Championships in the female 35-39 sprint category last weekend in Manchester, England.  In winning another competition, Rhys has proved that yes,transgender women competing in women's sports do have an unfair advantage over actual human females.

If you haven't peak trans'd yet over McKinnon, there's something wrong with you.

Also this week, Stonewall UK, the London-based Stonewall charity, was publicly accused of subordinating LGB rights in favor of transgenderism.  Present and former members met somewhere in London to distance itself from the charity and form new organization, LGB Alliance.

The London gay, lesbian, and bisexual has peak transed.  If you haven't, there's something wrong with you.

But wait, there's more!

In Australia, an appeals court overturned a transgender woman’s conviction on child pornography charges because he had been “struggling with issues concerning his transgender identity.”

In other words, Australia made it legal for transgender people to download child pornography.  All they have to do is mount a "struggling argument," and poof! no child conviction.

As I write this, there's some new controversy just now trending and this one seems to involve some guy named Mia Williams, a 32-year-old Tallahassee man, dousing a woman with gasoline and setting her on fire at a local Taco Bell, and going off on an arson spree.

When he was arrested, Williamson began identifying as transgender.  On cue, the local media spun the story as "woman sets person on fire and goes on arson spree."

The image on the right is Mia Williams' mugshot.  Do you believe or accept the media's interpretation Williams is a woman?

If you do, there's something definitely wrong with you.