Saturday, October 14, 2017

the week that was

It's no secret my disdain and contempt for "LGBT" advocacy blogs and journalists.  The only ones who don't know of my being a vocal critic of the "LGBT" establishment are the "LGBT" people whose brains have turned to mush from taking too many opiads, or the egocentric.

And yes, I am fully aware that I am an advocacy blog.  The only difference is I don't profiteer in homophobia.  They do.  I try very hard to avoid hypocrisy and double standards.  The popular gay blogs and writers embrace it like many others do to chocolate or sex.

According to its website, Values Voter Summit was created in 2006 to provide a forum to help inform and mobilize citizens across America to preserve the bedrock values of traditional marriage, religious liberty, sanctity of life and limited government that make our nation strong.

The Values Voter Summit is hosted by the Family Research Council, an anti-LGBT organization. VVS usually takes place in Washington, DC and it attracts 
social conservative activists and elected officials from across the United States and sometimes elsewhere, and the former and latter, quite often, the bottom of the barrel in terms of their xenophobia. 

Hard to imagine there can be anyone who purports to advocate for "LGBT" rights not knowing this fact, especially, or let alone, the advocacy blogs and writers I mentioned or alluded to.

But sure enough, yesterday, October 13, 2017, the gay/liberal establishment blogs and writers were shocked, SHOCKED I tell you, over two things happening; The first? President Donald Trump addressing the Values Voter Summit.  Two: anti-gay organizations distributing anti-gay pamphlets at an anti-gay event.

Quite the shocker, I know.

On the other hand, no one should be surprised at the idea or notion of an lgbt activist, blog, or writer playing its base for fools.  The question that needs to be asked, and it never is, is when will the base finally awake to the fact they're being consistently shafted by the liberal establishment*

Okay, I need to put on the brakes.  I have no evidence that any of the popular gay blogs and writers are liberal/progressive.  This has been a myth started by anti-gay social conservatives who have a funny way of deciding on their own what is and what is not their business; or in this case, deciding who among/within the LGBT [establishment] will be allowed to share the wealth.

Since 2007, it's been made to clear, to me, that any gay (or lesbian) person who smears and or defames another gay or lesbian for personal gain or profit is a hypocrite and coward. 

Unfortunately, I appear to be in the minority when it comes to this mindset or thinking.  

Again, to be clear, there's alot of people who purport to agree, but we're not supposed to believe everything we read on the internet.

The LGBT establishment wants everyone to believe we are infallible and monolitihic. The gay and lesbian population has been told not to read or even take into consideration anything I say or write because I'm a registered citizen and a former convict, never mind the fact that our movement got started, not by transgender activists, but by outcasts, sexual deviants and sex offenders who one day got tired of being pushed around by crooked cops fought back, and won.

To these people, lying comes naturally.  Selling bullshit is the only thing they know to do well.  That, and transgenders being the vanguard of the gay and lesbian movement.

Earlier I mentioned or wrote about the controversy centering around David France an investigative reporter, non-fiction author and filmmaker. "Reina" Gossett, a transgender activist, alleges that France stole her work to create the documentary The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson, a documentary which debuted on Netflix on October 6.

Although France is by no means is by no means innocent - there's someone who worked for France who alleges he made heavy usage of Gossett's work - the media establishment is implanting the idea or notion that only transgender people are entitled to creating and distorting our stories and histories.

Those of us who have been there and done that, need not apply.

They're taking Gossett's side because, to them, taking the wrong side in social media debates is the only thing they do right.  The LGBT media establishment has become so deathly afraid of transgenders, they can't even write a decent story anymore. They now have to ask for permission and their pronouns.

Does it matter that much of the work Gossett claims to be the owner of was in of itself taken from other sources? Of course not.  Trannies can get away with anything, including lying, stealing, raping, murdering, changing their identifies to avoid the stigma of sex offenderism, everything.

Much like social conservatives, the transgender social movement can always look forward to a gay activist or blog defending and making excuses for them; they're like two peas in a pod except that one believes in the invisible sky god and the other believes in the magic pill theory.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

france v gossett

News item: "Reina" Gossett, a transgender identified activist is alleging that filmmaker David France stole his work to create The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson, a documentary which debuted on Netflix on October 6 2017. France refutes the allegation.

Thus far, the "LGBT" establishment appears to be siding with Gossett which, of course, should come as no surprise to those [of us] who have become victims of the "Regressive Left" ie, activists who lie and smear to promote their causes.

Transgenders have proven themselves the greatest liars of them all.

To be fair, because I can, and the lgbt establishment won't, is that Gossett man right? 

Well, yes and no. To clarify, there's a mixture of truth and bullshit into the allegation.

Let's begin with the dead person caught in the middle of this kerfuffle. Born Malcolm McDaniels, "Marsha P. Johnson," was a mentally ill homeless person who suffered from psychotic breaks and hallucinations.  He was known to be someone who one day could be charming and pleasant, and another day, violent and dangerous.  More importantly, Johnson never identified as transgender. "Marsha" often identified as either gay, a drag queen, and/or a transvestite.

While it's possible he was at Stonewall, more likely, he wasn't in the bar, and didn't start the revolution as is often claimed. The more likely scenario is, McDaniels/Marsha, like everyone else saw a disturbance, went in search of another activist who had fallen asleep in Bryant Park after taking heroin, and arrived to the scene hours, perhaps days later to mock and taunt police for starting and losing a bar brawl.

Secondly, today's transgender lobby have a fetish for mental illness, suicide and death.  Transgender activists are sexually stimulated by death and grief. Had he not been cremated and his ashes spread over the area where his body was found, it's likely one or more of them would have sex with his corpse and call it a right.

Now about the players involved.

Charles Otleb, no stranger to controversy himself - he's a former publisher who was forced out of business in 1997 for questioning or criticizing the HIV=AIDS dogma that's been made popular by the CDC and other organizations within the gay community - wrote a letter to the Sonny Mehta, the Editor-in-Chief of Alfred A. Knopf, urging him not to publish How to Survive a Plague because, in his words, the book is or was riddled with falsehoods and lies.

He also calls France a sociopath and pathological liar "who made his Act Up movie," How To Survive A Plague, with footage housed at the New York Public Library."

Read more:

Regarding "Reina," thanks to GenderTrender, I'm reminded Gossett is a misogynist, racist, and homophobe.  He be one of those many people who thinks male and female are interchangeable identities.  Male not working out? Snap your fingers, click your heels abd viola! become the opposite sex. 

Gossett was among several transgender identified activists who led or supported a boycott campaign against the movie “Stonewall” last year, because, in their words,  the movie failed to depict Stonewall as a riot of “transwomen” and instead portrayed it as a gay historical event. 

Gossett is a exploiting a dead person who cannot consent to having their life exploited and objectified.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

las vegas shooting proves sex offender registries don't work.

The 2017 Las Vegas Strip shooting was a mass shooting at the Route 91 Harvest country music festival on the Las Vegas Strip on October 1, 2017. The shooter fired hundreds of automatic rifle rounds into concert goers from two windows that he had broken in his hotel suite on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel, killing 59 people and injuring 527.

This incident surpassed the 2016 Orlando nightclub shooting as the deadliest mass shooting by a lone gunman in US history.

Since the shooting, the media establishment, both old and new, have been search for and publish private or identifying information about the shooter in the hopes of advancing some right wing or left wing narrow mined idiotic conspiracy.

In fact, at one point, some in the media circulated a photo of a man who who shares the same name of the shooter who so happens to be a registered sex offender.

To be clear, the shooter is not a registered citizen.

And therein lies the problem.

All we know or rather, all we've been told thus far is that the gunman was a degenerate gambler who owned a nice home and alot of guns.

But had the shooter been registered, then what?

In short, nothing.

Likely, you would have seen a bunch of politicians and pundits on CNN, NBC, and FOX screaming and lying about recidivism rates or some other nonsense they pulled out of their ass while anti-registrant activists do a less than perfect job in trying to explain rationally why sex offender registries don't work, for that matter, any kind of registration.

As I write this, the MSNBC anchors have been asking politicians about the need for a national gun registry. Seems MSNBC is under some assumption that had their been a national gun registry, the hotel shooter could have been red flagged at hotel check in and, maybe, perhaps, the Las Vegas PreCrime police stepped in, stopped the attack from happening, and saved the lives of all the dead and injured.

Yeah, sure. This type of thinking is about as logical as the one currently being had about transgenders; The idea or notion about men born with a penis or women born with a vagina being able to “self-identify” as a woman or a man.

Oh wait, right. It's the media establishment promoting transgenderism as a reality; so, of course, they would be the ones advocating for gun registration laws! Spreading panic and lies is the only thing they know to do.

Monday, September 25, 2017

here within the lgbt, hypocrisy and double standards is an everyday thing.

Here's yet another hypocrisy and or double standard that the left subscribes to:

LGBT Inc is known to turn it's back on people who commit victimless crimes and forced to register as sex offenders; they go so far as to even refusing to help them reintegrate successfully into society.

It's a different story when it comes to gay people who knowingly violate local, state, and federal violate partner notification laws.

Michael Johnson, AKA Tiger Mandingo, is a gay man who was recently sentenced to ten years in prison for recklessly infecting a partner with HIV, one count of attempting to recklessly infect a partner with HIV, and three counts of recklessly exposing partners to HIV.

As per NBC, Johnson was initially was ordered to serve thirty years after a 2015 conviction, but an appeals court tossed the guilty verdict and ordered a new trial because prosecutors withheld evidence from Johnson’s attorneys.

Here's the part that reeks: Because he was charged under a health statute and not a sexual one, he will not be required to register as a sex offender in Missouri, where he’s incarcerated, or Indiana, where he’s from.

But wait it gets better!

The "LGBT" legal establishment organizations have called his Johnson's conviction racist, draconian, homophobic and unconstitutional.

To recap: when it comes to victimless crimes such as pornography, or anything that is socially disapproved of by a narrowminded idiocy, common sense be damned.  When it comes to people who commit sex crimes/in this case, someone, a gay sexual predator  intentionally spreading HIV/AIDS and not disclosing his status to his sexual partners, a great injustice has occurred.

Insane? You bet your ass.  But that's how it goes in today's society.  Hypocrisy and double standards are the new standard especially within this godforsaken community called LGBT.

Addendum: On September 25, 2017, Anthony Weiner, a former US Congressman (and Democrat) who represented New York's 9th congressional district from January 1999 until June 2011, was sentenced to 21 months in prison beginning on November 6, 2017 on so called sexting charges.  Once he completes sentencing, he will be required to register as a sex offender for life, this despite sexting being, in my opinion, another type victimless crime.

To be clear - again, Weiner is a goddamn hypocrite.  While Congressman, he helped to make sex offender registration laws more dysfunctional, complicated, and yes, draconian.  The idea or notion that Wiener will soon have to register under a law he created is, well, we're now way beyond hypocrisy.

Friday, September 15, 2017

the good, the bad, and the ugly hypocrisy of "LGBT"

News item: Earlier this week, convicted felon and leaker of classified information, Bradley "Chelsea" Mannning On September 13, 2017, Chelsea Manning was named a visiting fellow at Harvard University. But the next day, Harvard University withdrew the invitation, calling it a mistake.

Background: On Twitter, I tweeted that had it been me invited to Harvard, the LGBT establishment would be screaming at the top of their lungs, questioning my qualifications. 

Sure enough, one, "so called" award winning activist asked just that:

"What expertise do you have to offer?"


Were I, I suppose I do a lecture on the irreparable damage being done by the LGBT establishment in the name of equality.

Or maybe, talk about the eleven most dangerous words to gay and lesbian people today: 'I'm an 'award winning'  gay activist/blogger and I'm here to help."

Or, better still, do a thing on the good, bad, and ugly hypocrisy of the LGBT.

For example:

Ex-Gay: That's bad.
Transgender: Good.

Ex Ex-gay: That's good.
Ex-transgender or de-transitioning: That's bad.

Doing time for the crime and taking personability: That's bad.
Doing time for the crime and becoming transgendered: That's good.

Christians who deny their gay and lesbian children: That's bad.
Christians who groom and mindfuck their gay and lesbian children into becoming transgendered: That's good.

Selling out to the alt-right: That's bad.
Gay activists or bloggers who profiteer and procure for the alt-right: Bad.

Social conservatives who lump gay people with pedophiles, rapists, murderers, and abusers: That's bad.

Gay activists and or bloggers who pedophile and smear gay and lesbian people, sometimes for fame and profit: That's good.

Women who say trans women are men (or males who say trans males are women):  Good; Women/Males who indulge trans identified people who lie: that's plain stupid.

My "expertise" are without question.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

this week in transgenderism

Here's a story you won't read on Pink News or see on British broadcasting:

Following a backlash from transgender activists,, a UK blogger and activist named Maria MacLachlan was attacked by three or four transgender identified male activists while she was videotaping a protest at Speakers' Corner in London.

The TIM's had shown up to protest a discussion on gender identity. MacLaclan was set upon, punched and kicked to the ground and an attempt was made to strangle her. The Police were called, but no arrests were made, this despite the attack being premeditated.

Update: She was also robbed.

One of the transgender identified males who attacked MacLaclan, Tara Flik Wood, announced his intentions on Facebook

The attack was caught on video.  

And speaking of Pink News; Days after their defense of a rapist who was put in a women's prison and later segregrated after allegedly "after 'making unwanted sexual advances on female inmates'...

Read more:

Pink News took a poll about disabling comments on its articles on transgender issues.  The poll was taken down after 2/3 of the poll votes were for leaving the comments section as is.


Oh, and don't expect to read about this attack on Pink News;  They appear to be afraid of running afoul of the transngender lobby and instead are intent on becoming a propaganda arm for them instead; Currently on their front page, there's some story about a "world famous model" no one ever heard of coming out as transgender to fight "Donald Trump's policies," and another story about a black trans woman becoming the "20th person to be killed this year," because apparently there's an allegedly a conspiracy against black trans women.

GLAAD is, but of course, upset by the news and is demanding "more national media attention."

5,4,3,2,1...this a special report from [insert name of network]. We are interrupting your local programming to beinr news of the death of a transgender identified male no one cared for in life who has become the latest victim to be valorized (h/t GenderTrender) and celebrated by a movement that enjoys murder, suicide, violence, and death.

Because the victim is transgendered, we remind viewers to use proper pronouns. Failure to do so will lead to public recrimination.  We now return to local programming.

Absurd, ridiculous? Of course it is.  But hell hath no fury like a woman with a penis scorned and in the business of ours, the establishment media is afraid to say or write transgenderism is a ideology built on a foundation of lies, hate, slander, and abuse.

It remains to be seen whether they'll ever find their courage, moreso or less so admit they were wrong to promote transgenderism as a misunderstood and marginalized minority.

They're not.  These people are parasites intent on destroying life as we know it.

Friday, September 8, 2017

this week in peak trans: lgbt media defends transgender rapist instead of women

Proving once again, some people do the time for the crime, and other people become transgendered.....

Martin Pointing is a man who was convicted of raping two young girls in 1995. He now identifies as Jessica Winfield, a transgender identified male and is currently serving a life sentence at Europe’s largest prison for women.

The Daily Mail reports Pointing was segregated last week due to reports of him making inappropriate advances on other inmates.

Because we now live in a world where people worldwide are being forced to use gender-neutral pronouns and schools and business ordered to allow transgender identified people to use bathrooms and lockers of their choice, where transgenders are the vanguard in everything and gay, lesbian and straight people cower in their shadows, it should come as no surprise that at least one LGBT news media outlet, Pink News is defending a rapist instead of his victims.

Because this is the world as we know it now. A man can sexually assault a woman, go to prison, transition just by asking and providing no evidence whatsoever, transfer to a female prison and commit more sexual assault; meanwhile, the LGBT media pitches a fit over misgendering and pronouns.

"The [Daily] Mail's coverage of a transgender rapist is predictably horrifying" is the headline on their front page.

In the article, the writer of the story, Josh Jackman, is upset The Daily Mail "deadnamed" a transgender prisoner, revealed Pointing's penis is intact,  and implying Pointing might be using transgenderism "as a benefit."  

Jackman purports to be a feminist.