Monday, October 22, 2018

it may be trump may not be crazy after all.

At issue: On Sunday, October 21, The New York Times reported The Trump Administration is seeking to define gender as a biological, immutable condition determined by genitalia at birth.

The New York Times obtained an internal memo from the Department Of Health and Human Services.

The response from the LGBTx establishment - and I note once again the L and the G exist only for optics and deception - 
was swift and sharp.  Within hours of the New York Times story, a hashtag, #WontBeErased circulated on social media.  

On Sunday night there was a rally of some sort which took place in New York's Washington Square Park.  There, several trans identified activists spoke to condemn the move and vow resistance.

On Monday/October 22,  a rally and protest took place outside the White House.  That I know of they didn't hurl smoke bombs at the White House like London transgender activists did this past weekend in the UK, although I would like to see have seen them try.

“Gender ideology” exists to erase differences between men and women. It's also fundamentally incoherent and homophobic in case anyone hasn't heard or read yet. 

If the Trump administration proposal goes ahead as planned, it would mean or suggest Donald Trump is not batshit crazy after all.  That's a problem.  Donald Trump is a dangerous man supported by fools.  To like him or support him it means one must never admit Donald Trump has done nothing wrong and that all the scandals that exist within his administration are not scandals at all but an unethical, illegal attack being unleashed on Trump by the media and the Democratic establishment.

Anyone who says or implies I'm a Trump supporter is a buffoon.

But transgenderism is making Trump look sane and reasonable.

In so many words, no.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

goodbye, farewell, amen ian gallagher

Cameron Monaghan is an American actor and model presently known for his role as Ian Gallagher on the Showtime comedy-drama series Shameless. On the series, Monaghan portrays a gay teenager who is is part of a large dysfunctional family who struggle while coping with their alcoholic father.

On September 9, Monaghan announced via social media he would be learving the series following the sixth episode of Season 9.

"I have known since last year, but I didn’t want to give it away too early as I wanted this season to be a surprise for the audience, allowing them to experience Ian’s unsure journey with his character. This role has been a joy to inhabit, a wild and special ride, and I’d like to thank #Shameless as well as you, the viewers, for being there with him. Goodbye, Ian Clayton Gallagher. We’ll meet again?"
Let's all hope he does not. Alot has happened within our dysfunctional LGBT family. Gay and lesbian people are literally and figuratively being chased out their or own community by transgender activists and people and groups with rectum derived specialized identities, and women and concerned parent groups are blaming us for it.
It's also become cool again to have opposition groups blame gay people for the rapid decline in civilization and common sense. It matters to no one gay people too are victims of transgender madness.
More importantly Cameron Monaghan is not gay. Our community really hates it now when straight actors play gay (or transgender) roles.

All that aside, Monaghan portrayal or performance on Shameless was fucking A off the chain. It was both awesome and extraordinary. Well it was before they made Monaghan's character into a dummy mouthpiece for the trans lobby and gay Jesus.

I don't know and don't want to know. I lost interest in the show when another Ian love interest was written out of the show. But someone who did know in advance I was doing a blog thingy on the Ian departure says he saved some kid from being sent to ex-gay camp, some really dumb LGBT people mistake it for some god like miracle, and Ian, because he's bipolar, actually starts believing he can perform miracles. Oh, and a car got blown up.

Yeah. Okay. enough. Goodbye Ian Gallagher, and I hope you didn't get hit by the exit door on you're way out.

Monday, October 15, 2018

arielle scarcella, stay in your lane

As part of my ongoing series on allegedly liberal/progressive LGBTQers who sell out to conservative media platforms, today I speak of Arielle Scarcella. For those living in a bubble or blissful ignorance, Scarcella is an out, lesbian YouTuber who is known for incorporating her pro transgender views into her videos.

Her most popular video appears to be, Transgender Woman Shows Lesbian Her Vagina!; a seven minute long “you show me yours, and I’ll show you mine” video explainer featuring a trangender identified male comparing his “ transgender neovagina” to Arielle’s ‘cisgender vagina’ and discussing their orgasms.

But despite her videos, trans activists call her a bad trans ally, criticizing her, quoting, “cissexist language.”   That's quite an indictment for someone who produced an extremely controversial video titled 
Meet The Youngest Transgender Boy In The World!.; The video featured parents raising a girl who thinks she's a boy.

Don't bother going to Arielle's channel to view it.  It's no longer online and the reason it's unavailable is because Arielle and the parents were shown interjecting the trans concept onto a little girl who at times appeared to be simply trying to make her parents proud.  Oh, and because one of the parents is trans identified and gave viewers the creeps.

At best, there are excerpts or clips of the video posted elsewhere on YouTube. But they've been edited and taken out of context to favor agendas that are anti-LGBTQ+

Still though, she doesn't like it when trans activists call her transphobic. She retorts by calling her trans critics misogynistic males and LGB activists cowards for not telling the truth about transgender activists and their often bizarre ideology.

It should come as no surprise she's sought refuge behind a allegedly homophobic bigot blog to talk about her victimization by transgender activists.
  • Arielle Scarcella: Gay People Are ‘F–king Terrified’ to Criticize Trans Ideology - The Other Mccain
Quoting/An excerpt:
In a video this week, Ms. Scarcella explained that most gay and lesbian YouTubers are “f–king terrified to even touch on an trans topics — about the blatant misogyny that the SJW trans activists promote, about how the Left is so far left at this point that they are suggesting conversion therapy and hiding it behind the agenda of ‘queer’ progressiveness, about how some bisexual YouTubers have made videos and public statements saying that our ‘genital preference’ is a whole bias, when in reality it’s not a bias, it’s not a preference, it’s our sexual orientation and it’s not something we can help, about how little gay men are actually policed for their sexual orientation in comparison to lesbians — not very much at all.”
Gay and lesbians are fucking terrified to call out SJW trans activists?

Um, yeah, about that,  I've been critical of transgender ideology since on or before 2010.  To be clear, I was giving some transgender activists the benefit of the doubt when I started doubting their ideology and it wasn't until 2015 or so that I went peak trans, that is the moment I finally realized transgenderism had no business being lumped in with gay and lesbian social issues.

If I'm not considered a household name, it's only because of people like Arielle Scarcella and others insisting on playing oppression poker with their opponents, and profiteering and cheating.

I often don't count or exist because people like me are either supposed to be sacrosanct or politically right of center.   LGBTQ+ progressives and liberals like me are not supposed to criticize or judge transgender people, especially people with a background or history that can be exploited.

Yes, no, in the eyes of the general public, we LGBTQ are one big happy fleet, sailing in the same direction, toward the promise land of I don't know what exactly.

Whatever it was, it all got taken away with the trans lobby got hostile and regressive and took over everything.

In fact, there's nothing really lesbian or gay about "LGBTQ+" anymore. It's now kind of like LOGO TV calling itself a network aimed primarily at LGBT Viewers when all they really do is air reruns of The Nanny, Mamma's Family, and The Golden Girls all day and night long.

Oh wait, this is supposed to be a critique on Arielle;  There's been debate as to whether or not lesbianism is really a thing.  Someone who shall not be named says lesbians are confused straight women recovering from a bad relationship with men.  Indeed, elsewhere it's been alleged Scarcella is someone pretending to be lesbian for fun and profit.

She's admitted she is sexually attracted to men,  and can see herself falling in love with a man.

Scarcella needs to cut the crap, stay in her lane, get off our lawn, etc.

It's a well known fact transgenderism is an ideology that harms gays, women, and children. Those of us seeking a divorce from the transgender community don't need or require the conservative slant when it comes to addressing the trans problem.  

Moreso, there is no room in this movement, if I may, for liars and pretenders. I or we who are legitimately fed up with transgender bullshit can do without the likes of Arielle Scarcella.

Butterfly on ITV

Butterfly is a three-part British television drama series that deals with issues concerning transgender youth. The series is about a couple coming to terms with their son who comes out transgender.

Butterfly began broadcasting on ITV on 14 October 2018 and as one might imagine, it's receiving praise for it's realism and intensity.  But it's also receiving mounds of criticism for the way it normalized emotional child [sexual] abuse.

To be fair, only the first episode has aired, and I will add it's not fair of me to criticize a series for one episode.  I've done that before with other shows and I've been rightfully criticized for it though not wrong.    I'll add some of the people who are criticizing the drama are people and groups who live in anonymity and self censor.

It sucks beyond reason that I'm constantly put on the pay no mind list while these people (and groups) bask in the glory of their cowardice.

Thankfully though, there are other people who are putting a name and face to their criticism of the transgender agenda, and some of them warned in advance the series is meant to benefit a controversial trans child support group in the UK that's in the business of grooming children into self harming behaviors so they can be made vulnerable to adults so they can validate their gender dysphoria and they were right.

Indeed, during the episode, a narrator told viewers who might be triggered by the content of the program to visit their website for information, advice and support​.  Lo and behold, the information they published are all organizations involved in the business of indoctrinating children into the cult of transgender where they're legally likely to be exploited and serialized by predators hiding under the transgender umbrella.

At the top of the list is Mermaids UK, a controversial trans children’s support group. It's chief executive, Susie Green, was a series consultant. Green enabled the irreversible castration of her then sixteen year old son once named Jack.  Now 25, "Jackie" claims he's quite happy, but I take his words with a grain of salt. Jackie is now something along the lines of a reality celebrity on the BBC and has appeared in or on one or more documentaries on the network including one called Transsexual Teen, Beauty Queen. 

Once that taste of stardom enters one's lips, there's no going back.

Additionally, they report there is some overt and subliminal product placemen and branding in the episode. Some known [to them]  Mermaids supporters even appear in small roles. Thus the question, is this really a made for tv drama "ripped from the headlines," or a paid advertisement for Mermaids?

I or we won't know for certain until the series conclusion.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

making people wear badges worked well for the nazi's. why not the bbc?

Amid fears of a 'heteronormative culture, particularly around language,  several British tabloids are reporting the BBC is telling its staff they now have to wear "LGBT ally" pin badges or use email signatures so as to advance the interests of its LGBT staff.

Good news, yes?
Well, not exactly. Citing a memo or document, they're also reporting BBC employees have been told to use "non-binary" pronouns to to reflect the blurring of ‘sexual orientation and gender identity beyond the LGBT."

So this is not really about making LGBT BBC employees feel better about themselves but more a ploy by trans activists to silence all and sweep in a new era of compulsory transgenderism and other deviancies currently being grandfathered in under the LGBTQ+ acronnym.
It's also, to put it mildly, a really terrible, no good, very bad, horrible idea...

And here's why:

During the Nazi Persecution in World War 2, Nazi authorities made people wear yellow stars with the word or term "Jude," as a negative identifier to distinguish gentiles - non jewish people - from German Jews, and make it easier to mark them for public discrimination, humiliation, and deportation to concentration camps.

Here's a novel idea? Instead of pins, BBC employees should wear armbands instead.  It worked for the Nazi's....

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

If only journalists would just try to research the truth instead of pushing what they know to be false.

When I last spoke or wrote of Lisa Ling, it was because she had produced three episodes of Our America With Lisa Ling for Oprah Winfrey's OWN Network examining the so called ex-gay movement and both times presented the ex-gay movement and the "LGBT community" as moral equivalents.

To be clear, they are not. Every known and respected medical and psychological organization in America has said, spoken or written, being gay "is not an illness and therefore not in need of a cure."

Then she did a third episode, this one called God And Gays.  This episode portrayed Alan Chambers, then President of Exodus International, a christian non profit that sought to allegedly help people pray away their gay, as a sympathetic hero. 

His "apology" to the gay community ended up being invalid and insincere.

The fourth time, it was for an episode that also aired thru the OWN Network called Transgender Lives .  In this episode, she explored the lives of several transgender identified people "and their so called journey of transformation."

Actually, I blogged or wrote something but never published it.  What's left of the draft suggest I might have actually liked this episode, but, what's left of my notes don't make it clear.

Nonetheless, all of the above took place when there was an "LGBT" community to speak or write of, so for those wondering or soon to ask for proof, fuggeddaboutit. This blog of mine is a never ending journey of growth and that means new stuff is happening all the time.

I try very hard not to dwell on the past.  What was, was, and there's nothing I can do change any of it.   I live in the present, and the present says transgenderism is a dangerously ideology that should or must never be affirmed.

Too bad Lisa Ling forgot truth again and chose again to push something she must surely knows to be false.

Lisa Ling's no longer part of Oprah Winfrey's OWN Network. She's working for or at CNN now, and there I suppose, they have a greater responsibility to defend the truth instead of affirming lies.

Nah. She done dood it again. Her show now called "This Is Life With Lisa Ling," Ling explored the "gender revolution," that is, the new trend allegedly being led by young people where they imagine they're not male or female, but some rectum derived special identity they've created for themselves and others to live in and live by.

Except it wasn't quite the way I described it, which is, but of course, the correct way.

In the episode, Ling interviews several social media celebrities promoting transgender ideology, including "Chandler Wilson" a YouTuber who claims they're "agender," and uses they/them pronouns , and EJ Johnston - the son of Basketball legend Magic Johnston -  whom she calls  a "gender icon."

Oh, did i just misgender EJ? Fuck you.

To be fair, again because I can, I've yet to watch the episode in its entirety. But Savas Abados, a blogger or writer who writes for The Advocate says or writes Ling highly praised "Magic Johnson and Cookie, Magic's wife, for showing "so much unconditional love to their children."

I'll take ugh for $100, Alex.

By the way Savas, in some strange event you ever google yourself and see this blog, your website sucks.

I'm all over the place, but who cares?

So what basically IS wrong with the episode? For beginners, there are only two genders, male and female. Anything else belongs in the same category as climate change deniers, flat earthers, vaccine and or modern medicine rejection and hesitancy, and yes, praying away the gay.
  • Chandler Wilson is female. There's no such thing as agender. To suggest or imply such a thing is literal insanity.
  •  EJ Johnson is male. He will never be female. All the money in the world won't change that.
Second: Parent's who indulge transgenderism are child abusers.  They are enabling an ideology that is born out of a mental delusion.   They should be held to the same standard(s) as other parents who get arrested for child neglect and endargement.

Lastly, transgenderism is a religion that brutally medicalizes young children, many who are destined to be gay or lesbian.  Ling should have done an episode on that and the consequences of being put on monster drugs that lead toward lifetime addiction and the barbaric surgeries that cause pain, trauma, and life-threatening complications.

And she should have discussing parents who take their children to gender clinics so as to have them "fixed," and who then become celebrated for turning their little boy or girl into a bizarre lab experiments.

Don't hold your breath.

Oh.  One last thing:

Sunday, October 7, 2018

it's happening here sweetheart

At issue:
  • A screenwriter for a sitcom seen only in Ireland and Great Britain, I suppose - I don't know and I don't care - was reported to police for deadnaming someone who was born male and conned the British Government into awarding him a Gender Recognition Certificate in May 2018.  He may or may not be still using his male identity in or on a blog registered to him.
  • That someone claims to be a lawyer, but is not recognized by any professional legal body. 
  • Several bloggers and activists for fame and profit are calling on the "community," - people and or groups who agree transgenderism is a dangerous fad which harms gays, women, and children - to share and retweet a hashtag created in his name as a a show of solidarity, this despite evidence the screenwriter is a homophobic, misogynist washed-up hack trying to stay relevant. 
  • Despite the absurdity of it all, I noted in an earlier blog or post there could be consequences if the trend or phenomena were to come to our side of the Atlantic. They closest we have to an ally are hate groups fundamentally opposed to gay and transgender rights.
But it's already happening here. Kind of. Here is US, we've had a surge of incidents in which white people have called police to report black people who are simply going about their business, from hanging out at Starbucks, eating lunch in a “common room” at Smith College, to barbecuing in a public park.   

Yeah, they happened, so my bad for not remembering sooner than later.

I also forgot, sort of, Jesse Singal being reprimanded by watchdog organizations for his recent Atlantic essay on kids who identify as transgender and three woman's rights activists having an panel discussion cancelled because of transgender activists. 

That I know of, the police didn't knock their door and give their a harassment warning.

To be clear, I haven't asked.

Again, as noted earlier, alot of the people and groups who purport to be opposed to transgenderism are flaky; that is, they tend to serve at the pleasure of the very group of people, or movement they're politically opposed to.

And I, as a blogger and activist, am trying very hard not to be a skeptic or contrarian,  but it's hard to do that when the people and groups we're supposed to call brave and heroic for opposing the transgender lobby all turn out to be raving paranoids.

I also never had police knock on my door to issue me a harassment warning, although I do recall there was a writer I was advocated for who allegedly called the police on me after I refused to pull a blog piece he requested I write.

I also forgot a law right here in New York City from the New York City Commission on Human Rights which punishes employers, landlords, and all business and professionals if they misgender someone or don't use the pronouns they demand that you, we, or I use.

So yeah, it's happening here sweetheart.