Wednesday, August 21, 2019

truth is not a conspiracy.

Jesse Brown is a Canadian journalist, media personality, and businessperson. He is the founder and principal host of Canadaland, a monthly podcast that covers Canada stuff and media criticism.

On a recent episode or podcast, Brown and some trans-identified male writer named "Mary" Brown attacked media outlets and writers for being obsessed with transgender people, specifically Jessica formerly Jonathan Yaniv, a trans-identified male who has become a worldwide sensation not just suing beauticians for refusing to wax his genitals but also seeking the right to sexually fondle minors.

They also implied so-called movement against transgenderism is being led by dark web intellectuals, including Jordan Peterson, Barbara Kay, a socially conservative newspaper columnist, and her son, Jonathan Kay, a Canadian journalist and senior editor at Quillette.

If only that were true.

Before I continue, I have to clarify several things. 

One, I'm not a resident or citizen of Canada.  

Two, the transgender problem is not limited to Canada and all its provinces and territories. Transgenderism has become a worldwide problem and it's getting worse by the second.  

I'm not spewing dribble and hate.  I'm citing a known fact.

Third,  it's the transgender lobby, not these so-called dark web intellectuals who have everyone convinced they're victims of a massive conspiracy which begins on or before birth, continues long after death do them part, and involves an association of individuals, companies, and organizations, all of whom entered into an agreement to purposely commit a hateful action against a certain group of people and take an overt act in furtherance of that objective.

But what exactly is the objective?

Is it to stop the transgender mandate or profiteer from it?

Since becoming an advocate for the dissociation of transgender from the gay and lesbian community,or "LGBT,"  all I've encountered in my travails are people and organizations who are gutless cowards and hypocrites who hide either behind a keyboard or iPhone and espouse alot of shit about transgender people, some based on fact, and others based solely for clicks, likes, and money.

None of them have done anything in this supposed movement to stop the transgender lobby from doing further damage.  Well, actually, they're shown how good they all be when they cave and cower like cheap tents when a transgender extremist comes for them.

Oh, and that some have taken to pedophiling other activists for their own moral purification and self-satisfaction hasn't gone unnoticed.  Not by me.  If anyone is wondering who they be, goto Twitter or perhaps Gab and Splinter, where all the exiled activists, academics, and feminists reside and check and see if they follow me. 

You won't see my name.

There is no intellectual dark web against transgender people.  Feel free to add this nonsense to the long list of bullshit things transgender people say to dumb people.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

epstein conspiracy my two cents

I don't want to join the chorus of conspiracy theories being espoused online regarding conspiracy theories regarding the death of Jeffrey Epstein who died by suicide within days of being taken off suicide watch. 

However, because I am or was a former inmate at Rikers Island, I suppose I have some obligation or responsibility to clarify the facts to whatever extent possible.

When I was doing my time for the crime, I repeatedly had corrections officers and captains repeatedly ignore protective orders and encourage their pet inmates to make me a victim of mob mentality.    

Thru them, I was literally and figuratively chased out of one housing facility that's how bad it got. Did anyone in particular care I was intentionally put in danger and threatened? No, not necessarily.  After all, people guilty of so-called sex offensives are not supposed to have an easy time, so everyone says.    That was certainly true of my case.    But to be clear, I wasn't asking for special treatment.  All I wanted to do is do my penance and amend my life.

But someone apparently had it out for me and to this day I still don't know who it was that gave themselves the right to do what they did.  Things got so bad and absurd, someone had to make a phone call on my behalf and demanded they say something and do something.

That it took four months is another story for another day.  Another story for another day is one correction officer acting like Joe Pesci in Casino and saying to me after another attempt to deny a court order,  "You're only in PC because I'm letting you," and being so mad and bitter my nightmare was over and going home.

Nonetheless, I have no idea or clue if Epstein is a victim of death by suicide or murder.  

But I can say unequivocally there exists a culture of indifference within the criminal justice system.   If it wasn't for the latter,  Epstein would still be alive, reaping the consequences of his actions.

UPDATE, 2019 August 16

Monday, August 12, 2019

jy and the what if trope

So, its come down to this:
Your eyes do not betray.  A male feminist allegedly opposed to transgender ideology is entertaining the theory Jonathan "Jessica" Yaniv is a provocateur. 

Gabe's tweet is absurd and outrageous on its face.

But is it, though?

The idea or notion of "JY" being an insurgent is not batshit as it seems.  Ever since Yaniv's bizarre crusade to legally force aestheticians to wax his genitals and swim naked with children became known and established,  Jonathan Jessica Yaniv has become one of if not the most sought after and popular transgender activists of all time.

Yaniv has become a boon and blessing - pun intended - not just to people and organizations opposed to women's rights and gay and lesbian social issues, he's also become a symbol and folk hero of sorts to those making the case or argument transgenderism is an evil designed to destroy every aspect of society.

Indeed, when it comes to Yaniv, he really is the gift who keeps giving.

When will it all end?   It won't.

Even if common sense prevails, the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal rules in favor of the aestheticians, Yaniv is legally entitled to appealing his case and taking it to the Supreme Court of Canada if need be.  And he will appeal.  This guy simply doesn't give a shit, again, no pun intended.

As noted previously, just mere hours after he was arrested for possession for an illegal weapon and released, the local police were called to his apartment to investigate a complaint of child pornography. 

Now usually, where it concerns child pornography, those in possession are automatically arrested and convicted.  A court proceeding then follows.   This is a months, perhaps years-long process.  However, because Yaniv keeps wearing the guise of a marginalized person, seems all local police could do was investigate and genuflect before his sainted identity.

Or so it seems.

The reality is Canada appears to have put itself on the fast track to make it legal for someone like Yaniv to stalk, abuse, and prey on women and children.

What's anyone to say or do about it? Not a god damn thing.

Well, not exactly.  If you're someone like Gabriel P Blessing, you warm yourself to the idea or notion Jonathan Jessica Yaniv is an ally to your cause.

Bill Nye on the Science of Switching to Chromebook

Saturday, August 10, 2019



The whole ideology and movement is a cosmic joke.

But instead of everyone laughing at themselves for being so silly to buy into the transgender nonsense, instead, the joke has been on those who have pushed back against its agenda.

The transgender lobby has everyone- and everything - believing they're a misunderstood and maligned group of people in need of special services and support and that in order to ease their pain and suffering, society has to give up its rights, values, and traditions so they can have power over us.

The above reads silly, absurd and outrageous, doesn't it?  But is it?

By now everyone has heard or read about Jonathan "Jessica" Yaniv, an abuser using transgenderism to protect himself from criticism. On Monday, August 5, Yaniv showed himself in possession of an illegal taser during an online chat with Blaire White and was then arrested by local police.  Following his release, local police were called to his home again to investigate a complaint of child porn.  After police presumably investigated and left, he appeared on Kiwifarms, a controversial website allegedly dedicated to stalking people they perceive as being mentally ill or sexually deviant, and began threatening a user who by some dumb luck lives in the same building. 

It doesn't end there.  A video leaked online showing Yaniv in his apartment faking a seizure.  Before anyone even had a chance to ask or investigate the video's authenticity, new reports of him surfacing threatening local businesses and journalists questioning his veracity.

If you're wondering why this person hasn't been elbowed from society as is so often the case with people and organizations who stray from accepted and approved transgender dialogue and terminology - there's a very long line of people waiting to know.  Some of these people will never get to know the answer.  Maybe they will when they know what the question is.

To merely call it hypocrisy and double standards simply isn't enough any longer.

Meanwhile, "Blaire," himself an attention-seeking fame whore, did a live stream to bask in the glory of allegedly destroying Yaniv's credibility. During the livestream, he managed somehow to dox hismself.  Instead of, you know, quitting and regrouping, White deadname: Robert) worked himself into paranoia and blamed the incident on Yaniv.

It doesn't end there.

Anyone remember or recall  Maritza (formerly Mark Angelo) Cummings?  Seems Maritza is back to being Mark Angelo, this despite what's he said to me and other people about no longer being an advocate of the transgender/LGBT agenda.

She, or he, also appears to have reconciled with Paul "Lynna" Lopez.  

To be clear, I don't care for the latter.  Gay and straight people - some famous, many not - break up and reconcile all the time. A majority of them aren't held accountable and shamed on social media.  But as I noted here in May,  Maritza/Mark and her/his partner have been grifting social media for years, including, most recently the Christian community.   When they do this, they're given freedom from impunity and accountability.

I remind it was 4thWaveNow and the blog formerly known as GenderTrender who put these people up on a pedestal and supported their claims about being advocates against youth transition and transgenderism in general.  To be clear, 4thWaveNow did update their blog to mention they've changed their minds since introducing them.  But they still use their video to support their agenda because in their words, they're "prominent transmedia figures."

Regarding GenderTrender, their blog was taken off line, again because of Yaniv.  But now that they've been back online since March, 2019, they've yet to address these two people, let alone explain why it was even a mistake to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Perhaps one day they will.  But don't anyone hold their breath.  As I said or wrote at the introduction when it comes to transanity, the joke is on us.

Update: Because "she" asked, I emailed Maritza Cummings for clarification.  She writes she is finally living her authentic self - my term not hers, but does confirm she has reconciled with her former partner who accepts her "for who I am."

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

blaire white vs jessica yaniv

I wasn't going to blog about this.  However, because Jonathan "Jessica" Yaniv's keeps using the "LGBT*" community to protect himself from criticism, it would be irresponsible of me not to say something or do something.

On Monday, Yaniv participated in a bizarre debate with Blair White (nee: Robert Ryan White), a transgender activist popular with social conservatives.

For those who can donate the time here's the debate in its' entirety.

For those who cannot, during the debate, Yaniv lied, denied, and counter accused, repeatedly insisted he's a victim. More importantly, following a lengthy and albeit racist rant against the British Columbia immigrant community, brandished a taser, zapped it towards the camera, emitting a flash and a crackle.

Yaniv also claimed to possess pepper spray.

According to The National Post, moments after the debate, RCMP officers showed up at his apartment and arrested him for possession of an illegal weapon.

But wait, there's more!

The National Post also reported that following his release, the RCMP visited his home again because someone allegedly sent him a "child exploitation photo on Facebook Messenger.

For those living under a rock or behind a bubble, Yaniv is a trans-identified male who has become famous and notorious for several reasons.

  • Yaniv sued 16 professional and work from home beauticians who refused to for refusing to wax his genitals.
  • He's also responsible for coercing Twitter, Wordpress, YouTube, and Medium alter their rules and regulations and retroactively suspend and censor anyone and everyone who deadnames and or misgenders Yaniv.
  • He's also been outed as a creep and sex pest interested in na├»ve, young, developing girls - specifically when they begin menstruating.
Despite all this, this story or saga is far from over. Although it seems justice has finally caught up with Jessica Yaniv, the reality remains, the laws and courts favor transgender people.  Despite all the relevation(s) about Yaniv, he could still win his court case and set a precedent that is far-reaching hateful and dangerous. 

Update: As I write this, the anonymous blogger known as Gallus Mag published a new blog implying Wordpress may have removed wording which gave people like Yaniv license to de-platform critics of the transgender agenda from it's TOS.

What this means in the context of Yaniv and the transgender cult I don't know.   And therein once again lies the problem.  Or several.  One is, I'm not allowed to ask Gallus Mag.  According to some fabricated work of myth and fiction, I'm supposed to not doubt Gallus Mag, that I'm to obey orders and fuck off, presumably because I have a history that involves prison and registration and these two things make me vulnerable to discrimination, marginalization, and exploitation.

Does it matter to anyone that anonymous activism is a failed strategy or that most if not all the people who hide behind cartoon avatars and have co-oped the names of fictional superheroes only is because they're cowards and hypocrites who lack dignity and self-worth?

No, not in this community.  This movement, to have transgenderism not just disasscociated from the gay and lesbian, but protect women and children from people like Yaniv is a community that is broken and in turmoil.

Almost everyone on the front lines is profiteering from transgenderism instead of doing whatever need be necessary to alert the public transgenderism is an ideology founded on fiction and hate.

In late July, Gender Health Query, new research and political action website came online.  Located at this website,will supposedly address the "child/teen medical transition movement" came online.

Or maybe, their or its mission statement is something else. I don't know.  The person who founded the website never sent me the memo.  This is the other problem.   How does anyone expect to win the war or battle against transgenderism when they are knowingly and openly scared and self-censoring?

Thursday, August 1, 2019

pose, lgbt history, and trans-washing.

Full disclosure: I've not watched Season 1 or Season 2 of Pose.

I intend to... one of these days... when time permits... on my terms.

Those terms suggest sooner or later.

In the wake of Blake McIver committing social media suicide for descriving Pose as "Glee with a viral load," now comes news, by way of a HIV/AIDS activist and blogger, Pose is intentionally, purposely "trans-washing" real-life historical truths.

According to Mark S. King, a recent episode [of Pose] depicted the moment when ActUP unfurled a giant condom over the home of Jesse Helms, a US Senator who was racist, homophobic and held utterly batshit loony positions on what was then a no laughing matter HIV crisis.

But instead of paying tribute and respect to ActUp. Pose recreated d history and the contributions of ActUp members, with their cast of black and brown men and "trans women."

So what say the surviving members of ActUp about the episode?

A better question would be what are surviving members of the ActUp organization not saying?

King who appears to have watched the episode, asked Peter Staley and Sean Strub what they thought of the episode. 

Their responses are bitterly disappointing.

Staley appeared to be too star-struck to notice or care he had been racially discriminated against.  Strub, meanwhile, supports the show's "creative license," according to King.

Seems to the ongoing attempt to project transgenderism into the past has become so powerful to contend with.  Or maybe, gay activists are unwilling to accept their failures and are all too happy to have transgendered people be their scapegoats.